Friday, August 8, 2014


Well, let's see how this goes. I'm starting this blog mainly because I think there's been a serious dearth in quality reviews for Girl Meets World. Most are perfunctory little reviews from mainstream websites that don't seem to be written by true Boy Meets World historians (such as myself) or else are cloyingly gushing, finding everything about it to be magical and wonderful, when that's not necessarily the case. Girl Meets World has a lot to like, and a lot to dislike. No episode as yet has been perfect. Not every performance has been wonderful. So, I would like to examine Girl Meets World, truly examine it for all its glory. From the point of a view of a diehard BMW obsessive who has pined for the show for 14 years and even once wrote his own little fanfic picking up on the cast where they were now. I've seen every episode of BMW countless times and I know the show backwards and forwards. That this exists is truly a dream come true for me. So, when I am critical of the show (and I occasionally will be) please understand that it comes from a place of utmost love for this world and this franchise. But I also write for a living. So I believe I have a critical eye for these kinds of things.

So, I will be reviewing each episode, starting with the most recent, Episode 1.06 "Girl Meets Popular" (and I will be going back and reviewing the first 5 too) Let's see how this goes!

I will say that some of my inspiration comes from the fabulous Boy Meets World Reviewed blog, that I very much encourage you to check out. I've been following along with him for a while, and comment regularly (as "Unknown" but maybe I'll start to post as myself.)

This may feature more than reviews. Big news or ideas I have for the show might be included too. This'll include whatever I want basically. Who knows if you'll read it?

So... without further ado. Girl Meets World Reviewed.


  1. You write for a living? Jealous.

    I'm finally catching up with the show today, was hoping you'd have something for episode five D: the next episode doesn't air until the 12th, so you've got some time to go back <3

    1. Ask and you shall receive, reviewed Episode 5!

  2. Sorry! Yeah, with the show being on hiatus and life being busy I guess my mind had drifted elsewhere. I'll definitely get at least a few reviews up before the next episode!