Friday, August 26, 2016

Episode Review: "Girl Meets Bear" (#3.12)

Hey, it's Christian. 'Sup? 

Your mom.

Nobody likes you, SEAN. The real deal is back in town.

I love this opening. It's fun. It feels very Boy Meets World. Cory's love of tacos is back from "Shallow Boy", one of my personal favorite episodes. I had completely forgotten about that, and I just watched Shallow Boy now to check. Topanga even asks Cory if he's going to feed tacos to their future child, so it's actually a double whammy of a callback. Nice catch. Oh wow it actually goes further, Topanga says back in Shallow Boy "If that taco is more important than our child, this family has 'dysfunction' written all over it." Looks like that lesson stuck through the years. In general, real good world-building for this Paco's Tacos place. I really believed it was a place. We got a lot of good details and specifics about it. 25-cent tacos really are a good deal. I'd buy 40. Eat'm throughout the day.

It does feel very Boy Meets World. The girls are planning an adventure that has nothing to do with soul searching, or romance, or life lessons. If only we had had the wisdom, the foresight, to consider the appeal of such a situation. 

Cory and Maya wanting the same number of tacos was great. I can't tell if Cory's ability to express "eight and a half" as the perfect amount of tacos, but Maya was stuck between 8 and 9 was a joke referencing her inability to understand fractions. I'd like to believe it was, and if it is, it's very funny and it was nice they didn't call out. They make another joke about Maya not understanding fractions near the end, so I'm pretty sure it was. Mackenzie Yeager, man. She knows what she's doing. The Miguel Sapochnik of Girl Meets World. Except not directing. Shut up.
Riley becoming distraught over her own imagined three-legged puppy was great. "What, does he just fall over or what?"

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Episode Review: "Girl Meets the Real World"/"Girl Meets Sassy Halter Top" (#3.11)

It opens up innocently enough, a fun and energetic 30 second debate between Farkle and Riley. I appreciate "And for extra credit, time does not exist" from Farkle, but I appreciate even more "I said what I believe, how can that be wrong?" from Riley.

You know that's a good question Riley, and if there's any justice in the universe you'll obtain a satisfying answer to it, because that's really one of the most annoying things about this show. Riley spouts happy dappy nonsense and generally faces no consequences. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Episode Review: "Girl Meets I Do" (#3.10)

I honestly can't believe we got here this fast. Why did we get here this fast? It's like season 2 again where they frontloaded all the Shawn and Eric and then we didn't care about anything for the rest of the season. They could have actually used this time to sell me on Shawn and Katy's relationship, but no, we're diving in head first. That being said, their finger-trap was pretty adorable.

I enjoy Maya's casual, resigned pessimism. It resonates with me. Unfortunately, instead of wondering if Maya's fears may come true, I'm instead wondering how they'll convince Maya that she should never have worried in the first place. The Disney ending is a foregone conclusion. 

Eh, this didn't bother me. And I'll tell you why: 1) Maya's being silly, so it should be taken as a foregone conclusion that she'll be wrong. Cynicism is one thing, a believe that Life or the Universe is a sentient entity that's out to get her is not. 2) It's Shawn. This franchise would never allow Shawn Hunter to let her down. To do to her what so often was done to him. No matter how grim they played it, no one would buy it.