Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Morgan to return!

Hey guys,

To keep this blog alive in what is apparently more than a month long wait until the next episode of Girl Meets World, here I am popping in with news.

So, the GMW writers confirmed today that Cory and Eric's sister, Morgan, will indeed appear, and while they didn't specify Season 2, if they're confirming it, it's probably Season 2.

Oddly, though, when asked who would be playing her they said "We'll probably start chronologically." which means... what? Maybe it just means Lily Nicksay, but it also kind of sounds like it means she'll be in two episodes and in the first she'll be played by Lily Nicksay and in a later episode she'll be Lindsay Ridgeway? 'Cause... please don't do that. That sounds stupid. Just pick one. I don't even care which. I'd probably prefer Nicksay, but Ridgeway did have the role longer, so she's fine too. But pick one. The other one can cameo as someone else sometime.

Besides this casting ambiguity, though, I'm actually excited for the idea. Sure, Morgan was largely useless on Boy Meets World, but GMW can be a chance for her to prove her relevance to the franchise, much like it appears to be Josh's chance to do the same. She'd be in her late 20s now, and would offer a great opportunity to be a 'cool aunt' for Riley, giving her a younger, possibly hipper, female role model to look up to than Topanga. Riley should have one of those, someone representing the kind of person Riley wants to be in 10-15 years.

So, any thoughts on this? And is there a consensus on who should play Morgan?


  1. My vote goes to Lily Nicksay, if only because she's absolutely friggin' GORGEOUS as a grown woman, and I want to see her on screen again. Lindsay Ridgeway would be the more logical choice since, as you say, she held the role longer on BMW...but I find her a bit bland for some reason. Lily was always cute and sassy, whereas Lindsay was more of a deadpan sarcastic type.

  2. Hmmmmmmmm. I don't think I'd even recognize Nicksay if I weren't expecting it. Like if she just walked on screen and the audience started cheering (which they will) I'm not sure I'd know who she was without prior warning. Is Nicksay even a good actress? I haven't seen anything with her since she was like 5 on BMW.

    So I vote for Ridgeway.

  3. You know, in full honesty, the reason why they're doing this (and the meaning behind the "we're doing this chronologically") is that it boils down to a casting gimmick - and honestly I think the writers on this show have convinced themselves that all they need to do to justify being renewed for four seasons is to keep appealing to BMW-related gimmicks. This is the whole reason why the rape-y kids in the subway were in "Farkle's Choice" - because BMW had Ethan Suplee and what's his face and the writers said, sure, we need that because GMW.

  4. Either works for me, I just want to see what became of Aunt Morgan. As far as the gimmick, eh, I don't care. I like the show, and what ever gimmicks they want to use just fine. If it gets them four seasons, I'm cool with it.

  5. I say give the role back to lily nicksay when she was morgan she was really funny but when they replaced her morgan wasnt funny anymore and i didnt like her, also since lidsay ridgeway did do 5 seasons as morgan since they wanted an actor a little older i think its only fair the morgan character go back to the original witch is lilly nicksay so she can have a chance to play morgan while grown