Friday, March 27, 2015


Hey everyone! Long time no speak! Enjoy the break?

I'm announcing a new format change! Starting with tonight's episode, "Girl Meets First Date" myself and ConfidenceKBM, author of the dearly departed Boy Meets World Reviewed will be teaming up for these episode reviews, making them more a conversation about the episode than a straight review. Twice the reviewers, twice the fun!

Expect a back and forth analytical conversational exchange to be posted here throughout the weekend.

I will be continuing my process of awarding an MVP Award to a performer and rating it on a grading scale. KBM did not do either of these things for his blog, electing to award a star rating based on a few different criteria, so he may continue with that or utilize my system or WHO KNOWS?\

Seeya guys in a bit!


  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing what the both of you think of Debby Ryan in Girl Meets DemoWhatTheStupidNameChange. Also, I hope the episode ends up being better than Crazy Hat Lady ends up just giving Debby the same speech she gave to Farkle and shames her into giving back all the money, or whatever.

    1. Also if that turns out this episode sucks I'm going to personally banepost the writers.

  2. Very cool. Can't wait to see how this turns out.