Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Anthony Tyler Quinn returning to Girl Meets World!

Joining the cavalcade of returning Boy Meets World stars in Season 2 is Anthony Tyler Quinn as Jonathan Turner! 

He'll be in an episode called "Girl Meets The New Teacher" which has the synopsis "John Quincy Adams gets a new English teacher" so...  who knows, we may end up getting a lot of Mr. Turner.  Of course, Harley works at JQA too and we still barely saw him.

There's been no indication that Rider Strong's in this episode too, interestingly. While Turner and Cory spent enough time together that it'd be interesting to see them interact again too, I can't imagine they wouldn't take proper advantage of Turner's return by having Shawn there. But perhaps that will be saved for a second Turner episode.

Anyway, sound off! Excited for Turner's return, and some long awaited answers to our questions about his fate? Do you like all these returns in general, or would you rather GMW stand on its own accord? Honestly, at this point, who's even left to return but Matt Lawrence and Maitland Ward? 

Personally, I'm on board. I actually think a few of the returns GMW has done (Minkus, Harley, the upcoming Chet and Angela) aren't super necessary, but Turner's actually someone I would like to see pop up in an episode, just because we need some closure there and I'd like some confirmation he and Shawn kept in touch. But I don't need to, like, see him on the reg either.


  1. I'm really excited for this. For his short time w/ the show, he made a really big impact on not just Shawn & Cory but the audience as well. I'll be interested to see if he does stick around JQA as a permanent fixture, because I can see people say that GMW is becoming a carbon copy of BMW, which isn't good for the show in its own right. Honestly, I want it both ways. I want GMW to stand on its own merit, because I think the show is good, but I also want these numerous cameo appearances because they help close the door on the stories I want closure too. So, I'm torn.

  2. Let's just change the title back to Boy Meets World for season 2, then!