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Episode Review: "Girl Meets Triangle" (#3.05)

It seems everyone in school has been broken up with via text message. I'm not a huge fan of watching women stand around crying, and yet here I am, writing a blog about it. 
How many more times are they going to remind us that high school is very very different from middle school? "You'll start going to Friday night parties." Except they won't, because they have no social lives outside of a windowsill. But that's not the point. The point is, you're totally going to stop being friends if you don't resolve The Triangle. ...Wait, what? This is one of the most unnatural progressions on the entire show! The whole school is breaking up and suddenly this girl in the bathroom has made Riley and Maya decide to address The Triangle, something no one else in this universe has been able to do. I don't know how we got from A to B, but the theme song is playing so we're already at, like, G, and it's time to move on.
It's not a triangle though guys! Definitely not! I bet they'd pinky swear on it, we've got nothing to worry about. Needless to say, it's going to be difficult for Girl to meet Triangle, because there isn't one. Not on this show.

Maya is very dopey-Shawn in this episode. The humor focusing on Maya being a dope and Riley's forced quirkiness, rather than, you know, wit, like we saw in the last two episodes. 

"Miss Matthews, I'm sure Miss Hart can speak for herself." Yeah that Spanish teacher made an impression, but Professor Dead Poets Society over here just made it to the top of my list. An important question here is how far along we are in the semester. Telling your student she's incomplete and needs to find herself is pretty rough for like, third week of school. But hopefully they've built a rapport already and this isn't as insane as it sounds.
Riley is concerned over Maya's deflation (on the Bay Window, not at a party, like I said). Riley is far more concerned about what happened in art class while Maya is worried about The Triangle. It's not one though! Trust me. I like one line in particular here from Riley, talking about how Maya would fight for what she believes in, she says "Even me. Especially fight me." That's another one of those Boy Meets World nuggets, like "We're gonna get massacred no matter what we do." On the other hand, on any other day I feel like Riley would start crying if Maya stood up to her. But in this moment, in this scene, I am a fan.

We're reenacting the jelly-bean scale scene from Torn Between Two Lovers. The references are enjoyable in that they're relatively subtle. They could have easily had Cory in here making faces like "oooooo I seen this beforeeeeeee" while the audience goes crazy, but they actually decided to leave it for us veterans to find on our own. I appreciate that. We've got Farkle commenting on "there's no scientific way to do this" while Shawn said "We are gonna decide this scientifically." And then: 

"We're not gonna decide the rest of my life with jelly beans, Shawn."
"Then who is gonna decide the rest of your life, Cory, you?"


"You're gonna let jelly beans decide my future?"
"Well who else is supposed to decide your future, you?"

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I wanna pay homage to classic Boy Meets World scenes. I don't wanna do the rest of the stuff on this show, but here, I am a jealous, jealous man.
The boys hit "Personality" and "Deep Conversations" like Shawn and Cory did, but they skip over "Honesty" for some reason and jump right to the hormone question, albeit with a G rating. Far less winking and shoulder nudging and far more of some... annoying sound, I don't like it. I just wanna watch Boy Meets World. 
Who's got the better... you know...
There's no real way around it, you can't talk about BOOBIES and BUTTS on Disney Channel (except that they totally showed this episode on Disney Channel in syndication) , but it still makes me long for the old days.
"For the good of all of us. Choose." It's not a triangle though! Guys! I cannot be more clear! There is no triangle on this show! They wouldn't lie to us!

Oh hey a not so subtle reminder from Katy that Cory and Topanga are the best. It has to stop.

WOAHHHHHH, WOAH WOAH, okay, who the fuck wrote this script, one sec. Joshua fucking Jacobs, there's a shock. What is this moment where the idea of being a "strong parent" makes Katy burst out laughing? Please don't ship the characters down the river like that, Joshua. She is a strong parent, that's been the whole point since the first time Shawn went to confront her. I honestly can't believe that just happened.

Cheryl... my poor Cheryl Texiera, you don't deserve this. I'm sorry this happened to you.
I appreciate that Joshua gave Cory this line, "Secret of blahblahblah," it definitely makes Cory seem more self aware, more of an actual human. My gut feeling is that Joshua had Cory say "Secret of life" like he normally would and Ben (who directed this episode) suggested a change. Who knows.

At the Bay Window (not at a party) the girls reach today's Big Conclusion, that Maya has somehow become Riley. I'm glad Maya's fighting that because I don't buy it. 

OK. ALRIGHT, are you telling me, that Maya likes Lucas because she (subconsciously, perhaps) wanted to become Riley? "You'll need to show me a lot more than clothes, and hair, and a boy before I believe that it isn't."  Well I've got bad news for you Maya. That's all this show is about. I definitely approve of Maya's outrage at this nonsense, but I have a bad feeling it won't stick.

Yeah it didn't stick. So they go off on an adventure to find Maya's "voice."

FIND OUT NEXT TIME! But seriously fuck this cliffhanger.

Well they absolutely shit on Katy as a character today, but the big question is whether or not they shit on Maya. Is this stuff actually true? I like that they built up to the jelly bean scene with Lucas, citing the library with Riley and the campfire with Maya. But did we build up to this with Maya? She definitely felt like a background tagalong character in Meets High School 1 and 2, and she didn't do shit in Jexica, but she stood out in Permanent Record. 

Okay, I (like Lucas) have reached a decision. It's bullshit. Just a few minutes ago we had Lucas explaining what he likes about Maya and it's not the same stuff as about Riley. Wouldn't Lucas have been the very first person to notice if Maya turned into Riley? How did this whole process, that's just so obvious to Cory and Topanga the best parents on earth, fly completely over Lucas's and Farkle's heads? There's no way they would have missed it. I certainly could have missed it, which is why I had to honestly consider it, but if Lucas and Farkle didn't notice then I can't even try to pretend that it's true.


And that shit with Katy is completely irredeemable. How did that happen?

Sorry for the delay and all that.

I don't like anything about this opening. I don't even know what the problem is. It's just not funny. I see them making a lot of jokes. They're not funny jokes. But we've been here before. And a lot of the humor is resting on the acting of other actresses, and most of them aren't very good. And this seems to be a very Maya/Lucas/Riley focused episode and that's no good. So, this one's probably gonna be bad is my guess. 

Art teachers and students and appreciators on TV shows are always too confident about what different abstract paintings mean. "Oh, a bunch of purple? This painting's bullshit. This isn't who you are" You don't know. You're a high school art teacher. It's like the fourth week of class. No one acts like that. You're not the Feeny of art just because you jump to wild too-personal conclusions based on nothing.  "I'm not going to give it a grade. I'm going to call it 'Incomplete'. Because that's what this says about you." You should be fired, Art Teacher. Also, why is Riley always so willfully incompetent at art? It isn't like her. If she's bad at art, fine, that can be funny, but that she refuses to do the assignments doesn't mesh with her people-pleasing "Let's do our best!" personality. Why couldn't she have just drawn terrible benches? This is why you're getting bad grades, Matthews.

But anyway, I guess the Art Teacher's right now. I guess Maya has been changing her personality, even though she's seemed completely normal up until this episode. Nope, guess she's been throwing herself under the bus, I guess she doesn't stand up for herself, I guess she's meek and identity-less. That all just happened. Or maybe they're pretending it's how she's been for a while now, even though that's bullshit. 

Oh. Jellybeans. I get it. What a pale imitation of a good scene. Great, Lucas decided. And put all the jellybeans on the Riley scale. And when he did it felt like nothing because we got it when Cory put the jellybeans on the scale. It made perfect sense, and even us Lauren fans knew that this was the way it would have to be. We may have wanted Cory to pick Lauren, but Cory could never pick Lauren, and we knew that and it felt right. That Lucas felt strong enough about either of them to put a whole bag of jellybeans on their side feels cheap and unearned. 

And I have a sense they're going to throw Maya under the bus to do it. She's just a clone of Riley? Since WHEN? Since today. That's it. It's never been like this in any other episode. And now Lucas just likes Maya because she's pretending to be Riley? She HASN'T BEEN. His dynamic with her was TOTALLY different and THAT'S why he liked Maya. We SAW it. Fuck you, you cheap hacks. Too fucking lazy to actually write yourself out of this story you bumbled your way into it so you lie about what the story was. You're talentless.

Whoa, what's going on with Katy? I get that this is being played for laughs, but this is.... ill-advised. This is like the writer only saw "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" and not any other episode she was in. Also, what the hell is this accent? Is this Irish? Canadian? What is this supposed to be?

And you know what makes all this worse, it's also not funny at all. It's like aggressively not funny. 

I enjoyed Maya telling off Riley. Too bad I know it's going to turn out Riley was right.

Yeah, hey it was a pointillism cat. Hey, Maya admits it. She's just abandoned her personality. Apparently. Makes no sense. Hasn't been set up by the material in any other episode. Yes, Maya is committing less petty crime but.... that's good. It's her maturing. Shawn stopped blowing up mailboxes, and everyone didn't freak the fuck out because this means he's not Shawn. Shawn and Cory occasionally dressed alike too. You know why? Because teenagers in the same social groups dress alike. God, they did this just to get themselves out of this triangle mess, you know they did. This was a travesty.

Episode Rating: F (Completely unredeemable horseshit, and not funny to boot)
Episode MVP: Sabrina Carpenter (There were definitely times her line readings made me feel real bad for her)


  1. I /hated/ Katy in this episode and I /hate/ that I did. That's all I have to say.

    Does anyone else hate that the library scene is the only thing Lucas can remember? That was TWO years ago and that's the only memorable thing in their relationship? This is the main reason I seriously want Riley and Farkle to happen (dang, I didn't know I shipped)--they have so many more moments and they work: Flaws (I know, terrible episode, but early helps), STEM, New Years, High School Part 1, Permanent Record... did I miss any episodes? But yeah, the idea of Riley and Lucas irks me so much.

    The jelly beans... meh. Sean, the way you described Cory potentially being in that scene made me glad they didn't go that route. Subtle is better. The main reason I didn't love it was because, basically what I said above, there wasn't much to work with. Lucas is a flawed character--he's actually fine now, but they really screwed up developing him in Season 1. And they knew that--that's why they brought "Girl Meets the Secret of Life" which is actually pathetic looking back. It screamed "Shoot, we messed up on Lucas. By the way fans, he has anger problems!" The underdevelopment of Lucas and his relationship with Riley specifically is why this scene wasn't as great as BMW's.

    This cliffhanger is dumb because we all know they're not going to pick up on this scene the next episode.

    I actually liked the opening scene of this episode. I could do without the parallel relationship between Riley/Maya and those two random extras. The "Thunder! Lightning!" bit has got to go. I can see them using that in the final scene of the show, unfortunately. But we saw another part of school, yay, and I appreciate them casting an African-American girl. Main point being, with this kind of opening, they should've had the girls go to a party and maybe one of them find a boy and they'd end up breaking up on Monday. A shenanigan.

    That's all I have to say.. for now?

    1. You make a good point, it's pretty pathetic that Lucas's most recent deep conversation with Riley was TWO YEARS AGO.

    2. It's more than pathetic, in my view Sean. Riley said all of three sentences in that scene. Lucas did almost all the talking--the most Riley contributed was "I had a hamster once."

      That's not a deep conversation. Hell, it's not even a conversation. That's Lucas talking about himself, while a girl gushes over every word he says.

      And that campfire--if memory serves, Lucas was uncomfortable as shit in that scene; Maya certainly was. Not that I actually blame them for that, mind you.
      Riley all but forced Maya to talk to Lucas. It's been a long time since I've see that episode, but from what I recall, it was far too awkward on both sides to be considered a good, deep conversation either.

    3. While I'm not sure I actually "ship" Riley/Farkle, the fact remains that they're clearly very close friends outside of any idea of romance.

      Riley and Lucas....aren't, at all really. For all their talk of friendship, and this whole damned Triangle, Lucas has yet to show he's actually Riley's friend in a platonic sense, without romantic undertones.

      While it could be argued this would be impossible, due to Riley's infatuation with him, Lucas doesn't even know basic information about Riley--she, quite frankly, fawned over him for a year and he didn't know what her favorite sports team was....which seems to suggest that he never asked her as basic a question of what shows she liked to watch.

    4. I really support the idea of Riley and Farkle just being very close friends, if I'm honest. Purely because it's something that not even BMW -really- did; in that a boy and a girl could just be very close friends, without romance coming into it. Shawn and Topanga came close admittedly, but ultimately, that was only because of Cory.

    5. Jet- "Main point being, with this kind of opening, they should've had the girls go to a party and maybe one of them find a boy and they'd end up breaking up on Monday. A shenanigan."

      Shenanigans are what this show is lacking. It's too much relationship drama and major life lessons, with far too little fun and silliness.

      I would love to see them go to a high-school party. Maybe we will see something like this after the triangle is resolved. It would be great to see how the friendship between Maya and Riley is tested when one of them has a boyfriend, and the other doesn't.

      Will van Roekel- "I really support the idea of Riley and Farkle just being very close friends, if I'm honest. Purely because it's something that not even BMW -really- did; in that a boy and a girl could just be very close friends, without romance coming into it."

      I like the idea of RIley and Farkle being just close friends, but I wouldn't be opposed to them becoming a couple at the end of the series. Topanga was friends with Shawn because she knew the two of them came as a package deal, and if she wanted a relationship with Cory, she would have to be friends with Shawn too.

    6. Kit - But that's exactly why I don't particularly want them together, ever. Have a couple of friends where romance just isn't an issue. Not be friends because one of them is dating the other's best friend. Not have a romance down the track. Just be friends. It's something all too often ignored in TV.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. I think I agree with Will, and I think it's possible they may be building up to it.

      Farkle sits next to Riley now, in Maya's old position, while Maya has taken Farkle's old seat. It could be that they've switched positions somewhat. Not that I want anything taken away from Maya's relationship with Riley, but it could be that Farkle may eventually become the Lancer of the group, the second-in-command, if we accept Riley as the "leader."

      I still think that Maya will remain the most important of Riley's friends, but if Farkle takes a bit more active role in the day-to-day plot, rather than just being along for the ride, then by all means.

      I'm completely on board with Riley and Farkle just being absurdly close, physically affectionate friends, who aren't actually dating.

      Like I said last week, it's a relatively rare TV Trope called "Platonic Life Partners."

      Warning: TV Tropes is addictive.

    9. I have Platonic Life Partners and Heterosexual Life Partners in real life and I'm really sad that it's so rare in media nowadays.

      I'm not a fan of the idea that the instant a guy and girl meet on screen they need to kiss at the end. I would also really prefer that Riley and Farkle are just good friends with no subtext.

    10. Yeah, I think it's a bit more common in real life; but is sadly rare on screen.

      I know exactly how addicting TV Tropes can be. It's why I -never- click on links for it, except on the weekend.

    11. To be honest...I support Riley and Farkle "shipping" if only because I can BELIEVE in their backstory that leads up to occurring. We have been watching it mature for three years.

      I saw the first real glimpse that that's their end game in permanent record, when Farkle has that moment with Riley at the end. Lucas has YET to have that really with either girl

      Lucas and Riley or Maya, Farkle and Smackle don't have the same style of believable backbone to there creation.

    12. I like the idea of Riley and Farkle as platonic life partners too. I also see the potential for romance later. It could go either way, and I'll be happy with whatever the writers decide.

  2. I'm considering changing my screen name to "I liked this episode better than Sean did"

    1. well the only part of my review that really matters is the bottom. how can you excuse Lucas and Farkle not noticing that Maya has apparently changed into Riley?

    2. First off, I enjoyed the whole review, and, with the possible exception of Belief, I think I have liked every episode better than you, or hated it less.

      As far as Farkle and Lucas go, maybe it happened gradually. Or maybe it’s hard to tell from inside when your life turns into Persona or Mulholland Drive.

    3. I dunno Milestones. I think "Commonism" is universally abhorred. That goes double for "World of Terror 2."

      As for Lucas and Farkle? I am not about to defend anything Lucas does, but Farkle, having gone through his own transformation, may just see Maya's maturation as just that--growing up.

    4. Cryptid, you're right that Commonism would count as another exception. There was a thing or two I liked in WOT2 that would keep it in the hated it less category.

      Good point about Farkle.

  3. To be fair, though.... Maya's wardrobe did start changing since Shawn came on the scene, and then (apart from colour scheme) had begun being similar to Riley's. I just thought that's how girls are.
    I, too, was outraged on behalf of Katy's character...but i looked at it as her joking about. She DID get rather serious upon hearing about Maya's difficulty in art.
    Save for her classroom dialogues, i enjoyed Riley in this episode. I even liked how she spoke about their Lucas situation.
    I wanna see Sage again. Is she lost forever?
    Lucas' "It's always been Riley" had me going "Mi did know to BBC!!!", but when he added that Maya was the one who pushed her....I started to wonder if that was what it was. Does he wonder if (apart from her manic quirks) the things that he likes about Riley or being with her, is influenced by Maya? If so, why not date Maya who's (seemingly) into him and pretty darn cute, herself? Then, i remembered this was disney and GMW, and they're pretty big on SAYING so it'd have been in the dialogue.

  4. The page reloaded and I lost all my stuff. Dammit.

    This episode is tougher to nail down. It is not inherently a bad episode, and I enjoyed the Art Teacher, Mr. Jackson. While the Spanish Teacher was good, she was pretty much just Strict. The fact that she was a Spanish teacher served the plot and the actress did her job, but this felt a little different. This new guy felt like he was truly passionate about his subject; he reminded me a lot of Turner in that respect.

    Moving on to Katy...I don't know guys, I really don't know. But let me at least try to be optimistic. Katy's first appearance was "Maya's Mother," and she tried to distance herself from her daughter. Katy wanted Maya to be better than her, and in that vein, tried to encourage Maya to not be like her, by being distant.

    It is my hope that, although their personal relationship has improved, that this is still somewhat at play. Katy sees Maya's improved grades, lack of detentions, all-around more respectful attitude as good things to be encouraged, and she connects them to Maya being around the Matthews so much. So maybe Katy is trying to push Maya away again, at least a little.

    In some respects, this is like what Chet Hunter did to Shawn, when he encouraged him to leave the trailer park for good and live with Jack. "It'll be good for you, and maybe some of that college-learning will rub off on you."

    I have to at least TRY to have an optimistic outlook guys.

    1. Moving on to Lucas and the Scale.

      The scene in itself isn't as good as the original, likely because I'm not invested in Lucas having any romantic relationships whatsoever.

      In any event, I had forgotten that they had left out Honesty. But it makes sense for a couple of reasons.

      Lucas lied to Riley and Maya and Farkle with no hesitation and no remorse for a YEAR. He had no intentions of ever telling them about his past--which may or may not have been an original part of his character, but it is there now. How can Lucas value honesty in a potential girlfriend, when he doesn't give a damn about it himself?

      There's also the whole nature of the Triangle mess with Riley and Maya "hiding" their feelings, so yeah, honesty is in short supply here.

      As annoying as Farkle's sound is, it's actually rather significant. It's the same noise he made in "Texas 3" describing how being around Isadora Smackle makes him feel. Lucas whined about being asked that question, which tells me he doesn't actually like Riley or Maya. He likes being liked.

      Where was Isadora in all this anyhow? She wouldn't have been much help to Riley and Maya and Maya's identity crisis, but she and Farkle could have provided a nice foil to the Triangle.

      One last bit about the scales: there's the whole "this is the Universe's way of telling me blah blah blah" and the whole "everything happens for a reason blah blah blah" thing. I didn't like it.

      I'm not a big fan of fate, or to be more precise, I'm not a big fan of fate in how it's presented here. It feels cheap, like Lucas is trying to find an easy way out of this decision.

      That's not to say that there wasn't some good stuff in this episode. I liked Riley and Maya quite a bit, especially since even outside the Triangle, the notion of Maya and Riley being too-intertwined is a fair question. "Belief" wasn't a great episode by any means, but Lucas did pose the question that the girls were too close.

      And I liked Riley trying to goad Maya into a fight. Riley didn't mean any of it, or at least I don't think she did, but she was trying to provoke a reaction. Good grades or no, Maya is not one to just shrug off or try to ignore personal comments like that.

    2. While I can appreciate Art Teacher's passion, like Sean said this like the third week and it's still HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN ART. It's very early to start telling students figure yourself out or you never will.

      I think there's a way to show Katy as a committed parent, which she is. She works long hours to provide for Maya, but also show she's not the "strong" parent, not as influencing as a parent could be. But Joshua wrote it very broad.

    3. I'll be back later for fuller thoughts, but I wondered if they were saying Maya only likes Lucas because she's 'becoming' Riley. I hope not. That.. makes Maya a weaker person than Riley; not stronger, and she's never come across as the weak one.

      And yeah, I did note Katie got quite serious when it was mentioned that she was struggling in art. "How's that possible?"

      But damn Lucas. He tells Katie, Topanga and Cory before he even tells the people that really need to know? I know it affects their kids; but they should not be the first to know; no matter how intimidating Topanga can come across; especially to kids.

    4. I don't know, Mr. Sandwich. Adults telling kids that they need to figure stuff out sooner rather than later is pretty common, and not even unheard of in BMW.

      And about the notion of a strong parent....would you say that Topanga is a strong influence on Riley? I'd say yes, since Riley does have a bit of a spark to her, but the fact remains that Topanga has a very small episode-to-episode influence on her daughter.

    5. This is actually one of the problems with Cory/Topanga as seen on GMW. I think it's clear, from other people's actions, that Topanga is the 'strong' parent and Cory is the 'fun' parent. Generally. But we don't -see- that. We figure it out from how Riley acts, even how Cory acts, and our knowledge of them as we left them in BMW.

      I'd like to see Topanga actually being the strong parent; other than her pulling Cory into line. See her pull Riley into line herself; rather than telling Cory he has to.

    6. There's a difference between figuring stuff out which is part of growing up and the Teacher basically saying if you don't figure out who you are right now or you never will.

      I actually feel the message was the opposite on BMW. Eric and Shawn "figured" out who they were supposed to be and instead people in their lives like Turner, Feeny and the rest got them to figure themselves out as they got older and not when they started Freshmen art.

    7. Cryptid456-"[Isadora] and Farkle could have provided a nice foil to the Triangle."
      Someone could have asked Farkle or Isadora how they knew, what does love feel like, and other questions.

      Will van Roekel-Cory is the fun parent, Topanga is the strong parent, but I'm curious where Eric fits into all of this, because Riley is far too much like Eric to be explained through genetics. I think the two of them spent quite a bit of time together when she was younger.

    8. Shawn started to mature and figure him self out near the end of high school Eric on the other had went in the opposite direction and his IQ dropped a lot lol.

  5. Are you going to review Adventures in Babysitting at all? It actually turned out pretty decent.

    1. No chance in the universe.

    2. I guess you're not the only ones, Adventures in Babysitting got the lowest DCOM ratings in the history of DCOMs, the only one to dip below 4 mil. Impressive by the wrong definition of "terribly" given about a month's worth of never-ending hype and using literally all the previous DCOMs to promote it.

    3. I tried to watch AiB, found it interesting in the first 20 minutes or so, then it got boring once those bad guys started chasing them. I still haven't finished the movie.

      But uh, Unknown, that seems like a little exaggeration there "lowest ratings in the history of DCOMs." Do you know how many people tuned into 1999's Horse Sense? :P

    4. That was during a different era of Disney Channel - and I really mean that, back when Disney Channel wasn't yet on most basic cable packages so the relative ratings would need to be adjusted for a fair comparison, but your point stands. Neither is it the only DCOM to dip below 4 mil even in the last six years, but I guess you can say it's the lowest-rated DCOM in the "modern" era.

    5. Yeah, I get what you mean. It's pretty embarrassing for them.

  6. One important thing I forgot to mention in my initial write-up guys. Riley mentioned to Maya that growing up, Riley had always wanted to be like Maya. And this has been an important part of their dynamic from the beginning. The situation, at least from Riley's perspective, has been reversed.

    Maya rejecting her old behavior is alarming to Riley, because of their dynamic. Even if Riley no longer wants to be like Maya, the notion that they balance each other out, which has been a thing since the pilot, but periodically reinforced, becoming invalid throws a huge part of Riley's world into turmoil.

    1. Yeah, i get that. The whole "I wanted to be like you, but you actually did it" thing brought it home to me, how alarming what was happening seemed to Riley. Objectively, the new Maya isn't a bad deal....but it's not Maya. And as much as people say that people change as they grow up, some fundamentals remain. I have people who i've known since basic school tell me i'm basically the same as i'd always been. Even Farkle is still Farkle-y with the new wardrobe and the girlfriend. Riley is the same, Lucas, Zay...even Smackle- though she's a bit more hug-gy. Maya moves slower, speaks lower, wears a bunch of dresses. These pass few episodes she'd seemed like the sidekick- which i suppose is the role of the bff, but Maya had always had a stronger character. What irks me is that i'm now wondering if all those episodes of triangle drama was all a set-up for Maya's identity crisis. Please gods, tell me it wasn't.

    2. Yeah, I was worried about this being a set-up for Maya's identity crisis too. But this nasty, evil part of me wants Lucas to choose Maya only for her to say "Sorry, I only liked you because I was trying to be like Riley."

      Some people do change quite dramatically though; at least as far as anyone can tell. They're barely recognisable, in personality. However, that's not what's happened here.

    3. Will, I share that nasty, evil part as well. But i'm trying to stomp it down. I genuinely want him to choose Riley because he seems to like her more- and she, him. But if it's five episodes of Maya, as i'd heard, then he probably chooses Maya and something happens...right?

    4. Does he? I don't really recall much of a connection between him and Riley; though she's clearly infatuated with him. He barely knows anything about her. Despite Cory's consistent chasing off of him, he just runs, rather than try to win him over. The fact that Topanga lets Cory do this, suggests to me she's not sure about Lucas either - and she's always been the one to be more accepting of Riley growing up.

    5. An interesting point about Topanga's perspective, Will. I don't think Lucas has ever had a conversation with Topanga--even when he talks to the parents, it's mostly Cory he's talking to.

      But if Topanga had reservations about Lucas, why didn't she tell Riley? More to the point, why hasn't Riley gone to her mother for advice about this? Even before the Triangle, Riley rarely went to Topanga for advice.

    6. It is so hard to read Topanga's perspective, because we never see her perspective except when it comes to Auggie and Ava. Even her marriage to Cory, it's more assumed happy because they don't fight, than we actually see them be happy, mostly. (Sure, we can fall back on their BMW history, but talking purely from the perspective of this show, there's not a lot.)

      The only reason I feel she might have reservations, is she's usually forthright in telling Cory when he's gone too far with his behaviour, and she hasn't said a thing about his consistent chasing of Lucas; which in reality, is a grown man celebrating the fact that he's stronger than a teenager.

    7. I do agree that it's a shame that we don't see much of Topanga, but I think there's a couple reasons for it.

      We get a LOT of Cory, both in the classroom and at home. Disney isn't exactly the best place to look for good parents--Cory and Topanga are among the best currently on the channel, and there have been a fair few (on other shows) that make Chet Hunter look like a good parent.

      Disney, and other kid-oriented networks, operate on a Kids Rule! mentality. Strict parents who know what they're doing are in short supply with that mentality.

      So we get an excess of Cory interacting with Riley, while Topanga watches Auggie and Ava. Pairing up parents with an individual child is hardly new.

      But it also makes sense in universe. Topanga was pregnant with Riley while she was interning at the law firm. So when Riley came along, Topanga was up to her eyeballs in work.
      Uncle Eric almost certainly stepped up to be the primary caregiver so that Cory and Topanga could be in the best position to actually provide for their daughter.

      As a result, Riley rarely saw her mother as somebody to actually talk to when she was little. This is the natural result.

      It sucks. But it makes sense in-universe.

      There's at least one Topanga-Riley centric episode coming up. I just wish this had been confronted sooner. We had a LOT of time last season that was more or less wasted. Did "Girl Meets Money" contribute to anything, truly? Or, really, did "Girl Meets Rules" contribute to anything?

    8. ... It half makes sense, in-universe. I've had friends in that situation (not law-intern exactly, but having a child when very busy at work), and mostly, they make up for lost time when they get settled down at work. But I suppose, given it would have taken a long time to get used to working at a law firm; she may have felt it was too late, and thus lavished attention on Auggie.

      Interesting point about Eric. I'd like to know why he left New York. I suppose it could be a similar reason as Shawn, (it would get insanely depressing being around Cory and Topanga if single, and not expecting to find anyone..), but I'd like to know.

      I didn't mind "Girl Meets Rules" actually. But couldn't stand "Girl Meets Money"; and there were a few other episodes I could have done without, especially if it was in favour of more Topanga/Riley interaction.

    9. Truthfully it is unrealistic how much time Topanga has to spend at home as it is. She is a partner in the top law firm in NYC. In that position she should be putting in 60-80 hours a week at least. What we see in the show is that she is almost always home no matter the hour or day. In that respect Riley should almost always go to Cory for anything because she always has and by now that's what she is comfortable with.

    10. Well if we're to believe the episode where they bought into the bakery, it's because she's -such- a good lawyer they don't want to lose her. So I guess they let her work from home, and it's only when she actually has a case and has to go to work..?

      I dunno. If we do buy into the 'shark lawyer' angle, I think I could see a bit more flexibility, but more in a maybe slightly later start or something.

    11. their is an episode in season 3 called girl meets her monster and apparently topanga gets really mad at Riley for something.

    12. An important thing to remember is that in the early drafts, there were important differences in this show.

      Riley was supposed to have a one-year-older brother Elliot Matthews, who used her as his favorite wrestling dummy. We've discussed Elliot a bit, while I still find Riley-as-wrestling-dummy charming in its own way, I do have to agree that it'd stretch the timeline to absurd levels.

      (That said, maybe if Elliot had stuck around, he could have chased Lucas away)

      Topanga was not originally going to be a lawyer, she was going to run the teen hang-out. A restaurant that specialized in pudding.

      Fans cried foul, Disney turned back and made Topanga a lawyer, and incidentally almost completely inconsequential to Riley's story. It makes me wonder whether Disney was truly concerned with actually continuing the Feeny-verse, or just having a show about a kid whose parents are at her home, school, and local hang-out.

      It's a hell of a thing. In my view, the most important, or at least most influential, person in a little girl's life should be her mother. I can't imagine that Jacobs, the man who gave us the legendary Alan Matthews, doesn't understand that.

      I hate that Riley and Topanga have so little interaction, and even though I do think it will be addressed this season, they've interacted so infrequently, that I'm afraid it will fall flat.

      On the other hand, "Her Monster" is the upcoming Topanga-Riley episode and it is written by Fischel. So, that's something to look forward to. "Semi-formal" had the best Eric in years, and it was written by Will Friedel.

      Who knows, maybe we'll get an episode about Shawn written by Rider sometime later this season. That could be great.

    13. I'd heard about Elliot; not about Topanga running the teen hang-out. Which would have been crazy stupid; as the only way Topanga and Cory living as well as they do is even remotely believable, is her being a successful lawyer. Teachers get paid insanely badly.

      There is a fine line to be drawn between wanting a continuation of what had been a moderately successful show, and just leeching on to its success, without actually looking at what made it a success. How much of the issues we've had is Disney, and how much is the writers, is somewhat hard to determine from the outside looking in, as it were.


    14. Cryptid456-"Uncle Eric almost certainly stepped up to be the primary caregiver so that Cory and Topanga could be in the best position to actually provide for their daughter." I love this theory because it explains why Riley is so similar to her Uncle Eric.

      Maybe Jacobs is better at writing fathers/father figures. It's the only explanation I can come up with.

    15. The funny thing is that I could actually buy Cory running a local teen hang-out. Not specializing in pudding of course, but a pizzeria or a burger place?

      Topanga can stay the lawyer, obviously, but Cory running a replacement "Chubbie's" is something I could get behind. Cory helping his daughter with her problems, taking a vested interest in his favorite customer, rather than redirecting classroom attention.

      Of course, then it would likely feel more like "Cheers Jr." rather than "Meets World." I don't think the bartender of Chubbie's had a line outside of the episode Cory and Wendy were dating. And only one waitress ever had a line==in "Things Change," when Chubbie's was turned into a pirate-themed restaurant.

    16. To be fair... he's a guy. It has -got- to be harder for a guy to write a mother figure than a father figure. But at some point, he was going to hire more female writers for this series to help deal with that. I guess there've been more, but there don't feel like a lot.

    17. Cryptid456-"The funny thing is that I could actually buy Cory running a local teen hang-out. Not specializing in pudding of course, but a pizzeria or a burger place?"

      That could totally work. Instead of imparting wisdom from the fence, it would be behind the counter. That would have been great. Let someone else be the amazing teacher. You could still have classroom scenes, just with someone else, so it wouldn't be "Cheers Jr."

    18. Yeah, I could have seen this. And actually, it could have been a reason why Topanga cooks despite having the harder job - if he'd been working at a pizzeria all day, he may not want to rush home and cook.

    19. As a guy, I can say that writing women characters that are likable, believable and interesting without making them Mary Sue is verrrry difficult.

    20. As a male and a writer, I do agree that touch in writing female characters is difficult.

      I write in first-person a lot, and I'm not sure whether or not that makes it harder or easier.

  7. this episode was insane. i'll just deal with the maya stuff for now (fuck how they treated katy, also lucas is an idiot). this whole show is about how people change people .... in the pilot cory told maya she goes to far for standing on desks... she got a D in gm father.... now she's getting good grades and bettering herself and riley's all YOURE TURNING INTO ME and is in near tears because her friend has not been getting detention and EVERYONE GOES ALONG WITH IT. i know i should not expect any modicum of reality from this show by this point, but what the fuck? who the fuck comes to the conclusion that their best friend is turning into them? also maya's done some pretty maya stuff over the past few episodes. she did the shirt grab twice (once last ep with Farkle, Lucas in high school), even though she got the A in PR, she was still pretty Maya about it. She's actually done lots of things so its pointless to list them. anyway, it's actually batshit i cant even.. whatever, fuck this episode, SHAWN'S COMING NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you. This episode WAS insane. The writers assume that if they have a character say something then it is true no matter whether it has actually been set up. Maya is not turning into Riley. She may be maturing and picking up Riley's good habits, but she clearly still has her own personality. It's complete nonsense that the writers just threw in there. Also, how could the art teacher "know" that her painting isn't her? I actually screamed into a pillow when I saw the purple cat in her painting. What utter garbage.

    2. Also, the show can't have Maya cry because of her broken home, and then have her mother making jokes about being a bad, absentee mother. That's ridiculous. It's embarrassing what they had that character do.

  8. Overall, I liked this episode. It didn't feel overly dramatic for the sake of being dramatic. I think it's interesting they let Farkle be one of the guys, but Smackle wasn't part of the girls conversation.

    The identity crisis felt more real than it did when it was Riley. With Riley's it just didn't quite work, but this was more successful, even though I can't put my finger on why.

    1. Kit - I think at least part of the reason it worked with Maya but didn't with Riley, is Riley is constantly having an identity crisis. I think Girl Meets Jexica was the most successful episode dealing with it; but you can't escape the fact it's what, her third time? Fourth time? Maya's always been the strong one; so when she gets an identity crisis, it really hits hard.

    2. Will van Roekel-Yes! That's the reason.

  9. Nice job, Sean.

    Thank you for the Katy defense. Something feels definitely off how they wrote...oh, Joshua Jacobs. That asshole. Listen kid, just because Daddy named a character after you doesn't give you free reign to destroy the best adult character on the show. Did you even go to college or did Daddy just give you this job so you'd stop playing X-Box?

    I don't really have much to add. The drama here is certainly warranted but I don't like that random girl with bullshit spice/mentor name is the one to make Riley/Maya address the issue. Say you will about "Wise Sage" Farkle, but at least he's like in the picture. I'd rather have seen him, Zay and Smackle offer some sort of ultimatum. "This is fucking bullshit. Figure this out. We're going to go play with Farkle's toys until you do."

    The art teacher was good.

    I dunno. I'm glad they're addressing it, but something still feels off. It's clear that Maya isn't really as aggressive but that's part of growing up? It's good that they made it affect her art. How is Riley not failing art? A shitty purple cat is not going to make you friends.

    And as far as school year goes? I'm going with probably like five weeks in at this point. So late September/early October.

  10. Okay, time for my more extensive thoughts on it.

    I liked the jellybean experiment, for the most part. I could have done without Zay and Lucas repeating Shawn and Cory's words almost to the letter; because it reminds me all too clearly that was really a very different situation. And that the Lauren storyline was done about ten times better than the triangle... at least.

    I don't think Maya is becoming a clone of Riley; but it's true that she's becoming a bit -too- like Riley; and that her own identity might be getting swallowed a bit. I can't quite tell if Katy was being destroyed in her character or not - it's true she didn't feel right; but it's also true she did kind of switch on as it were, when she heard it was art class and Maya was having issues.

    I've been struggling a bit with Lucas. I wanted to give him a chance, and ever since Season 1 I have been. I keep stating that just because he's clearly a love interest doesn't make him a bad character. Teen dramas, leads have love interests. But there's two ways of doing it, basically. The first way, which is the way I prefer, and the way they did with Topanga, is to make them -more- than -just- the love interest. Sure, you can't ever escape that's what they are; but you let them earn it. The second way is for that to be it. ANd unfortunately, that's Lucas, and once again, he proved it in this episode, it feels. It might be up in the air as to who's love interest he is exactly, but I have yet to see him as anything else, really. And until he does, I think I have no interest in him.

    I also think, with Zay and Farkle's little test as to whether he reacted more about one girl or the other, I might be joining the camp that states he doesn't like either of them enough to potentially ruin a friendship by choosing one. Let them both hate him for stringing them along.

    However, upon rewatching, I'm getting even more convinced that this whole triangle drama was a facade for Maya's identity crisis. I missed it the first time, but when Maya talks about both liking the same boy, Riley says something like "do you?", heavily implying Maya only likes Lucas, because she's trying, whether consciously or not, to be Riley.

    Art teacher was awesome. I want to see him again - even more than the Spanish teacher, as art is something Maya is -good- at, not just learned by immersion (which is, actually, easily the best way to learn a language).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. An idea entered my head at work today. What if it isn't so much Maya becoming like Riley? What if it's just her becoming more like the Matthews in general?

      She stated way back when in "Tell Tale Tot" that a huge reason of why she liked Josh was that she wanted to be a part of his family.

      As for Lucas, part of me wonders whether or not the point of him is to prove that no, not everyone is Cory & Topanga. But they've taken far too much time to do that.

      Speaking for myself, I despise him. I didn't mind him in the first season because, well, it was the first season--the writers were rusty and the kids, apart from Maya, were greener in their acting abilities than a pine forest.

      Now? I despise Lucas.

      If they want to deconstruct Cory and Topanga, why not show it repeatedly? Show us all these wonderful things about this couple, but emphasize that the nature of first love is actually the least important part?

      Have Riley want to be like her parents, and their "perfect" love story, but never find the "perfect" guy. Let her have a few boyfriends, and learn something important, maybe two or three important things, from each one.

    3. I would love that idea of Riley trying to recreate her parents' story. We've seen plenty of evidence that she's grown up on their stories; just about as much as she's grown up on the fairytales other kids have. The difference is, they're not a fairytale, they're reality, and I don't think she understands how exceptionally rare that love story is.

      It also enable some more Riley-centric stories; which overall have been in short supply.

  11. #2YearsOfGirlMeetsWorld

  12. Ratings are in - 2.1 That's a huge leap from last week. I wonder if it's the ships that brought the kids back or just a boost from leading in to Adventures in Babysitting?

    I didn't look at the ratings for AIB or Bizzardvark. Bizzardvark was terrible. Man Disney hasn't had a good new show since GMW hit the airwaves. Bunk'd, Best Friends, KCU and Stuck in the Middle are all awful. The shows just before them - GMW, Liv & Maddie, I Didn't Do It, Dog with a Blog, and Austin and Ally were all better than this trash, and some of those shows weren't very good.

    Did Disney lose talent in their programming department? I mean who greenlit Bizzardvark? They should be fired.

    1. I didn't see Bizaardvark, but I knew just from the promos that I would have no interest in it. It was another show about a pursuit of fame, only this time it's with stupid internet videos.

      I'm not sure if Disney has lost talent exactly, but I do think things have changed culturally. Let's be honest, GMW is a mixed bag at best--but when it's good, it's stellar. So the talent is there--the execution is the problem. I think a lot of it has to do with Disney having "twists" to their shows.

      For years, the twist was a pursuit of fame, due in no small part to the massive success that was High School Musical. Disney realized they could sell their shows with music. Hannah Montana, Shake It Up!, Sonny With A Chance, Austin & Ally and now Bizaardvark are all about pursuits of fame.

      While kids making videos of themselves doing silly things and posting in on Youtube isn't new, actually being successful is something that most kids will never see. But success sells. It sells CDs especially.

      Even the more mundane shows, the ones grounded in some sense of reality, had soundtracks, or at least stars that were also singers. Sabrina's a singer, but I don't know if she's got an actual album out yet.

      Let's give Jacobs some credit--he refused to have GMW be a "singing and dancing" show.

      I think that's what it boils down to. From my view, Disney isn't particularly interested in telling stories anymore; they're interested in making money.

      Heck, I remember about a month or two after GMW started airing, I saw Disney advertise Riley and Maya's clothing as unique Disney lines.

      I don't even want to think about what Uncle Walt would say if he saw the state of things now.

      On a lighter note, 1960, what did you think of this episode?

    2. I'd say both the ships and lead-in-to-DCOM brought the ratings, the former being sad.

      AIB had 3.4M and B had 2.4M (hopefully it drops to 0.9 next episode because it's trash).

      I don't think KC's that bad. Same with SitM, though both shows can be incredibly boring. But yes, Disney has gone way downhill. One show I really miss is Good Luck Charlie

    3. So if AIB got a 3.4, it did worse than Invisible Sister even though it got WAY more pub from Disney. That's interesting. The word on the street was that Rowan was very upset at Disney for not doing much pub for her movie and going all out for Sabrina's movie. In the end it probably didn't matter. AIB was better than Invisible Sister, but not by much.

      Jet - KC is terrible. While SitM is better than the rest of those I mentioned, it still isn't very entertaining. Good Luck Charlie is pretty good. I'm still trying to catch the few episodes I haven't seen.

      Cryptid - as I had said earlier I liked Triangle, but not as much as the last 2 episodes. I will try to write up my thoughts on the episode soon. I'd like to wait for Christian to chime in first. Also, Sabrina has had 2 albums released so far.

    4. I'd take the word on the street with a grain of salt, or maybe two grains of salt 1960. Disney promoted this up the wazoo, for the last six weeks.

      But it's summer, so I'm thinking fewer teenagers that might watch a DCOM in colder months are watching now.

      Not to mention, the last two summer DCOMs were "Descendants" and "Teen Beach 2," which were trying to sell us music in addition to a movie. Sabrina's a singer, but "Adventures" wasn't a musical.

    5. Rowan definitely tweeted her irritation about the way Invisible Sister was promoted but to my knowledge has no issues with how Sabrina's movie was promoted.

      How the 100th DCOM that has been promoted to death only got 3.4 million viewers is beyond me. That's barely over what Texas Part 3 got. That was like eight months ago. What happened?

    6. Cryptid456-I think Walt Disney would be okay with tie-ins/merchandising. He's one of the first people to see the potential in marketing characters as a source of profit. Mickey Mouse watches existed as far back as the 1930s. (Unless you meant something else, in which case, I'm sorry I misunderstood your point.)

    7. Yeah, Walt would be fine with the merchandising, most likely. However, he was also very firmly against the idea of sequels, so if he was still around GMW would likely have not been made, at least not as a sequel to BMW.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. The only place where I disagree with you is Stuck in the Middle. It's a very... different show from the traditional Disney kid-com in the way it's framed and presented.

      The rest of them are awful though, I'll give you that. Compared to these shows, GMW has fantastic writing.

    10. I haven't seen Stuck in the Middle, but with seven kids in the family and only a half hour program, I suspect it just collapses under its own weight.

  13. Fuck Joshua Jacobs.

    Now that I got that out of the way, on to my review.

    There were parts I liked, and parts I loathed. Bathroom scenes, I loathed. Bay Window, I liked. The absolutely gutting of Katy Hart as a character...yeah, I want to hit Josh Jacobs with my car.

    Look, I wish I cared, I do. But you know what, Lucas Friar isn't a sympathetic character. I like him in his roles of comic relief. He's actually good at it. Yet, as the romantic focal point, it just doesn't work. He doesn't carry it well. We should want to see one of the girls end up with him. Yet, at the end of the day, he's a Ken doll. And Riley and Maya are both better characters than for either of them to wind up with a Ken doll.

    Liked the jellybean scene, and like it even more now that I realize ti was an homage to BMW. The art teacher was really good! And I like that they are playing with an identity crisis for Maya, because she's always been a strong character, which is why Riley was desperately trying to get a reaction from her friend, her sister. Yet, it's centered around this godforsaken Triangle, and hinges on some really bad talking points. Because Maya hasn't been a disruption in school, she's changing for the worse? No, that's dumb. That's logically dumb in every sense.

    Two steps forward, one step back. Haven't completely derailed this good start to Season 3, and hopefully, Shawn can get us going again.

    Episode Grade: C- Mostly for the destruction of Katy Hart. That's unforgivable

    Episode MVP: Rowan Blanchard. She stood above everyone, in my opinion.

    1. We're looking at a five episode stretch for this storyline. A lot could change.

      I still maintain my...increasingly desperate hope that Katy is reverting back to her "Maya's Mother" ways and trying to encourage Maya to be influenced by the Matthews, rather than her.

      Lucas isn't even a Ken doll anymore. He could get a locker door closed on his ear and I wouldn't care.

      Much like with "Texas," for better or worse, I think it may be wise to view this Maya-identity-crisis as both individual installments and as a whole. Upcoming installments, especially if they confront Katy's abnormal behavior (I pray I am right with my interpretation), may improve this episode retroactively.

    2. Pwfan, it is time you and I road tripped to California to teach Joshua Jacobs a lesson. More specifically, how to write realistic dialogue. I'll pay for gas.

    3. I've always wanted to see California.

      Cryptid, as much as I'd like to share in your optimism, the writers haven't earned that trust. Even with the last two really good episodes, they have shown time and again that they can't do the simple thing that's right in front of them.

      Look how they have handled Riley and Lucas. Lucas is just a dullard of epic proportions, not worthy of either girl. And they stunted poor Riley to a point where we still wonder who she is as a character. On top of starting a shipping war that's already out of control. They've mismanaged a lot with this show.

    4. First, California is magnificent. The redwood forests especially. Forget going down there to yell at the writers, go to see the redwoods.

      Shipping and I spent our childhood there and I miss it. Sometimes.

      As for Riley's weakness as a character, it doesn't help matters that a lot of Season One and Season Two had something of a Status Quo is God to them. Everything would be back to normal at the end of the episode, regardless of what actually transpired. I suspect it has something to do with ease of reruns.

      And there have certainly been missed opportunities.

      Take "Popular," like I said before, it could have established Riley as a science fiction fan.

      "Brother" was one of my favorite episodes in Season One, but we haven't seen Riley play with Auggie much since. They've interacted enough, but it's mostly just been a few lines exchanged at the dinner table.

      And "Rules" would have been among my favorite episodes if it was revealed that Riley did know a lot about her classmates' random quirks.

      Maya has Art. Farkle has Science. Riley could have had Literature.

    5. I suspect the Status Quo is God issue is also to do with that's the way half hour shows are viewed now, for the most part. Especially as I suspect it's viewed mainly as a sitcom for children; and sitcoms have always had that, to a certain extent.

      Auggie has, in general, been a wasted opportunity. One reason I don't really like Ava, other than the obvious that she's a brat (though somewhat explained due to her parents apparent continual fighting), is that her being around minimises Riley/Auggie time.

      I disagree Farkle is science. He seems to be education in general. Don't forget that one of the annoying catch-cries he had in the first two seasons was that "I know everything there is to know, except Belgium 1831." I think the science angle is more noticeable, especially since bringing Smackle into it more.

    6. Will van Roekel-"Auggie has, in general, been a wasted opportunity. One reason I don't really like Ava, other than the obvious that she's a brat (though somewhat explained due to her parents apparent continual fighting), is that her being around minimises Riley/Auggie time."

      I agree with this 100%. Morgan never had storylines of her own. I don't see why Auggie should have them. Auggie's storylines aren't going to appeal to younger siblings being forced to watch the show. I wish we could see more what the siblings dynamic is like, beyond one episode.

    7. Morgan had a couple; but they intersected with Cory's. I also think they could have done more with Morgan. I'm okay with occasional storylines for Auggie. But it shouldn't be all the time, and get rid of this insane Auggie/Ava are dating plot. Ye gods. At that age I was still thinking girls were icky... (I'm actually fine with Auggie not being like that. But he shouldn't be thinking romantically yet.)

    8. Good point about Auggie. Though I wouldn't object if Riley were the one getting a migraine from Ava, rather than Topanga.

      I don't usually like little kid characters, but I never had much of a quarrel with Auggie. I think it helped that he and Riley actually look related. Sometimes the siblings on Disney not look alike at all. I know that shouldn't matter, but it helps draw the audience in.

      And like I said, "Girl Meets Brother" is one of my favorite episodes. Riley and Auggie's interactions are incredibly sweet, even sappy, but it feels a lot more authentic than a lot of what we got in the latter half of last season.

      And I maintain my deep desire for a "Girl Meets Scapegoat" episode, with Riley voluntarily taking the blame for something bad Auggie does, facing severe consequences from her parents.

      Oh yeah. Belgium 1831. It's odd...Farkle defended technology in "Girl Meets Boy," but he's apparently never heard of Google.

    9. I like the idea of a scapegoat episode; but it'd have to be really serious for Auggie not to think he can talk his parents around. I dunno. Maybe trashing a gift from Cory; or even better, her parents.

      Yeah, Farkle's defence of technology goes up and down. He was the first one in the recent(ish) episode that seemed to get the idea they were getting overwhelmed by social media. He also seems infatuated with the idea that Cory has to teach him, rather than Google, or even just looking it up in a library.

    10. Well, the original idea for the Scapegoat episode was Girl Meets Fish.

      I raised the question of Auggie taking his class fish home for the weekend, accidentally killing it, Riley taking the blame and then gutting her savings to pay for a replacement.

    11. In my opinion, they were building up to Riley's thing being photography. I don't know what changed, but they made a point have having that scene where Uncle Shawn gave her that camera. And they've done absolutely nothing with it.

    12. Cryptid456-"And I maintain my deep desire for a "Girl Meets Scapegoat" episode, with Riley voluntarily taking the blame for something bad Auggie does, facing severe consequences from her parents."

      This could be a fantastic episode. It would be interesting to see what happens when her friends are forced to lie to Cory and Topanga. I'm betting Farkle cracks first because he can't take the pressure, or Lucas cracks first because he's supposed to be this great moral guy.

    13. Actually, I'd like it to be something that she takes the blame for, without telling anyone it wasn't her. Have it just be about Auggie, Riley, Cory and Topanga. Not have them figure it out because they're terrible liars. (And with the exception of Maya, I think they probably are.)

    14. Went back to the "Girl Meets Fish" review, and took a look at what I wrote.

      I raised the question that Riley wouldn't be able to really go to her friends in a "Scapegoat" scenario, because they're only children. Well, Maya apparently has much younger half-siblings on Clutterbucket's side, but she's been raised as an only child.

      Either way, this sort of loyalty, not just getting in trouble for a loved one but ensuring the loved one does not get in trouble, is alien to Riley's friends.

      A "Scapegoat" episode could harken back to when Cory was willing to get in trouble to protect Shawn and the Newspaper Incident. We know Topanga can bring back the Wrath of God, so if Riley takes the blame for something bad Auggie does, and Topanga outright screams at her, straining their relationship, it could be great, especially if the reconciliation scene is good.

    15. The only issue I have with it, and it could be solved with good enough set-up, is that Auggie is still a young kid, there is things that she'd scream at Riley for, but Auggie would get a "don't do that" moment. Now there are certainly things that she -would- scream at him for, but it needs to be established that this is something he understood is bad, even before it actually happened.

      At 7, there is very little our kid would do that would get that kind of reaction. Most of it would involve trashing something that he knew was important to one of us - probably my partner.

      I'm not saying it wouldn't be a good episode, it would be, but it would require very good writing.

    16. I actually had the idea that Auggie swiped one of Topanga's necklaces and gave it to Ava without permission, and then it just snowballed with Riley saying she took the necklace to school and then lost it.

    17. Okay yeah, that'd do it. We saw glimpses of that with the ring he gave to Ava in their mock-wedding.

    18. Cryptid456-"A "Scapegoat" episode could harken back to when Cory was willing to get in trouble to protect Shawn and the Newspaper Incident. We know Topanga can bring back the Wrath of God, so if Riley takes the blame for something bad Auggie does, and Topanga outright screams at her, straining their relationship, it could be great, especially if the reconciliation scene is good."

      I love this! At the end when Cory finds out, he would far more sympathetic to Riley, having been raised with siblings who were close in age. (If Nebula exists, Topanga and Nebula have 6-8 years between them, which means that Topanga is more like an only child. The alternative is that Topanga is really an only child).

  14. Girl Meets Writers ‏@GMWWriters
    Q&A Friday Noon PST.

    1. Welp, sorry guys. I'm working that day.

    2. I'm working too. Anybody going to be free that day?

    3. Oh, yes. I'd almost forgotten. Happy Canada Day, Milestones! Any plans for the holiday?

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      Our home and native land!
      True patriot love in all thy sons command.
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      The True North strong and free!
      From far and wide,
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      God keep our land glorious and free!
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    4. I'd have to work out my timezones, but I think that's like insanely early Saturday morning. I'll likely be sleeping.

    5. Thanks, Cryptid. I think they are changing the (English) words on me again, for the third or fourth time in my life. Outside of sleeping in, nothing planned so far. Based on how long it is taking me to collect/organize my thoughts, I might still be crafting a response to one of your comments above.

    6. Pleasure's mine, Milestones. I heard that Prime Minister Trudeau had ordered the lyrics altered to be gender-neutral when it is sung at all official state-sponsored events.

      In any event, I always look forward to your input on this show, my friend. What are your thoughts, overall?

      Also, a while back I learned that Lee Greenwood wrote a song called "God Bless Canada," meant to be a companion to "God Bless the USA."

      Won't lie, it actually did choke me up a little.

    7. Thank you so much, Cryptid my friend, that was lovely.

      The proposed change actually came via what is known as a private member's bill. These are usually lower priority, longer-shot affairs. This one gained a sense of urgency owing to the failing health of the MP who introduced the bill.

      While Triangle was very much a mixed bag, and isn't in the same class as Jexica or Permanent Record, I liked it and look forward to discussing it further.

    8. Is it really Canada Day that Friday? I have a couple of Canadian friends in an online forum I frequent; must remember to wish them the best if I see them that day.

    9. Yes this Friday is in fact Canada Day! Hoping to see some nice fireworks.


    11. Thank you so much, Cryptid, my friend!

  15. anyone seen this promo for girl meets upstate i cant wait to see Shawn again.

    1. Not really digging the paint fight but I get to see Shawn and Cory bicker? Christmas came early everyone!

    2. its funny when shawn was telling maya and riley that he was tough and edgy i wonder if his going bring up blowing up the mailbox or something from boy meets world.

    3. Curiously, Riley and Maya are wearing the same clothes in the Paint Fight as they are talking to Shawn...

      "I did my job."

      Maya might actually be defending her new behavior. "I started taking myself seriously, Riley. I do my homework and I listen to the teachers. I did my job."

    4. Shipping-I'm also not digging the paint fight. I rewatched Maya's Mother the other week--it's still a great episode--and I loved the paint fight scene and marked it as one of the "Classic" scenes I'll look back on when the show is over. But recreating the scene... 2 seasons later? It's like re-doing the jellybean scene in Season 7 of BMW. Yeah, no thanks.

    5. Jet, It's also hard for me to take the paint fight seriously because in Maya's Mother and I'd bet in Upstate, Rowan looks like she's trying realllllly hard not to laugh. Which is nice to see the actors having fun, but it seems to take us out of the scene a tad.

    6. Actually Shipping, I like that they break a little in those scenes. They're kids having fun, and honestly, that's a refreshing break from the melodrama this show likes to lean on.

    7. Yeah, I agree with Pwfan. This does look like something that's just fun.

      Besides, it might actually be that Rowan is acting in character with Riley being overjoyed to get Maya to fight her--though from my perspective it looked like it was an accident when Maya painted Riley's face, almost as if she forgot the paintbrush was wet with paint.

  16. Here are my thoughts for what it's worth.

    Overall, I found it to be a solid episode. I really do believe that the writers are watching what we whine and moan about here...and somehow implement that into the episodes. I think this episode spawned from our moanings about how the "triangle" was ignored for so long.

    Hell the girls admitted for the first time that maybe Lucas should have a say in the outcome and have his feelings considered. We here on this page have been screaming that from the rooftops since the earliest episodes that dealt with the triangle. When the girls had that moment, I totally thought the writer's were throwing us an Olive Branch to show they are paying attention.

    I really enjoyed that Riley is fighting for her friend back. While I don't believe the backstory was sufficient enough to warrant claiming all of the sudden Maya is Riley, I have noticed a certain "mellowing" out for Maya as we have progressed through the seasons.

    What I don't like is that the characters seem to be chastising Maya for making progress. Riley and the adults WANT her to break rules, to get detention, to sneak out because THAT'S HER IDENTITY?!?

    What kind of horse shit parenting is that? Maya isn't losing her identity or BECOMING Riley. She's maturing and progressing along towards a positive future. Why everyone wants to stop her dead cold in her tracks and tell her to break rules and regress is piss poor writing. Since the show's inception the adults have been championing for Maya to grow...but now it's a problem. I don't agree with that.

    Now to address the whole Lucas ending. Liked what they tried to do but I don't buy it.

    Whatever Lucas decides here is going to be a head-fake. maneuver.

    To explain my theory I'm going to reach back to last week's episode. After watching Riley and Farkle have that little moment in her room at the end of "Permanent Record" I really believe I got a glimpse of the endgame. The fact that they made sure the audience gave a subtle "awww" just reinforced what's happening here. Also, that's why they are making sure Smackle stays kind of bitchy in the scenes she appears in. That way, there isn't any emotional damage to the audience when Farkle leaves Smackle.

    Whether my theory holds water has yet to be seen, but all I ask is that everyone consider it. For Lucas to make a decision THIS early with the episodes to come leads me to think things will change as season 3 goes on. So whatever he says next episode is not the end game.

    Overall, it was just nice to see the crew tackling something of substance that is for all intents and purposes moving things along. I welcome that and it will continue to keep me watching.

    1. I should add that what I liked about Riley fighting for her friend was the emotion and drive she appeared to have. Rowan as an actress really shines portraying Riley when she is given something of substance to fight for. I saw that in this episode.

      It still doesn't justify the fact that they are requesting Maya to regress backwards in terms of growing up...but I enjoyed the back and forth between the girls nonetheless.

    2. I don't know if it was the way Rowan was acting or her dialogue or both, but she really sounded like a character in BMW during a serious scene. I'm talking about the very first bay window scene this episode "Where are you?"

      I wish we had more Smackle. I'm sure this is due to $$$ and she's unneeded, but part of me feels like they never want to have a third close girl friend. They just want it to be exclusively Riley and Maya, which is annoying.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. That's one of the more frustrating things here. The kids are acting their hearts and souls out, but the writing is...well, I don't want to say lackluster. Not yet anyway, at least for these episodes. This is part of an arc, so I'm reserving judgment for now. There could be a couple unexpected twists coming up that may retroactively make this episode better.

      But I agree-the first Bay Window scene, despite being at the Bay Window was very solid. Riley was actually imploring Maya to fight her in their Safe Space. That's actually huge, since I'm not sure I can remember the last time the Bay Window had a serious scene that wasn't tied closely to romance.

      More Isadora would be nice. Unlike Zay, she has a rapport with Riley--it's not that I don't like Zay, but he rarely interacts with Riley. Sure, he's Lucas's best friend, but Isadora is actually Riley's friend independently. She also feels a bit more unique as a character--Zay still has a sense of "Lucas's Maya" to him.

      I think more Isadora is on the way, but I want to see her be Riley's friend. I don't want her to just be Farkle's girlfriend.

    5. You bring up a good point. Every time it gets serious in the Bay Window, it's usually romance-related or philosophical talk from the very wise writers. This one was good.

      I like how you say Isadora. I really hate that their names are Farkle and Smackle :/

      Yeah, like I said, I feel like they're so scared to show Riley/Maya being friends with other girls that it'll ruin the idea of "Riley and Maya."

    6. I think Isadora is amicable enough that she's earned the right to being referred to by her first name. Smackle's her surname, so I don't have much of a problem with it.

      Out of the kids, she's my fourth favorite, after Riley, Maya, and Farkle.

      She's had a tangible arc, going from a somewhat cold, slightly self-important girl in her initial appearance to someone who deeply values Riley's friendship. My favorite scene in "New Year" was Isadora greeting Riley with a warm hug--"Let me know when the pressure is sufficient."

      Honestly, while Maya can fairly be said to have lost some sense of her identity (regardless of the reason, her art is being adversely affected, which is hugely important to her), I think Isadora has picked up more of Riley's traits.

  17. Well, I'll give the episode this. They had a much more realistic girl's bathroom than BMW did in "Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow."

    We never got couches! Just pain, blood, and tears!

    1. Haha, I was gonna mention the bathroom. Funnily, it looked way better than any other school set we've seen. (Cory's high school classroom isn't that bad).

    2. Meh. To be fair, the couch was only ever seen as a joke; and was referenced earlier by Eric.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Sabrina just confirmed that there are 4 weeks of filming left for Season 3. So it looks like Season 3 will have 21 episodes in total.

    1. Only 21 episodes? That's a little disconcerting. The show is going to spend four more episodes on this arc, and then we're down to only twelve episodes?

      I suppose there could be a couple more episodes that are not to be filmed with an audience. And it's possible that a few more were picked up--I thought I read that Season 3 was supposed to be 30 episodes.

    2. Apparently the 30 wasn't true--it makes sense because I read from another Disney show's writers' Twitter that Disney picks up a small number (13) and adds groups of episodes along the way. The "30" rumor was spread much earlier.

      Also, Disney's episode orders seem to be shrinking:

      K.C. Undercover (Season 2): 26
      Girl Meets World (Season 3): 21
      Best Friends Whenever (Season 1): 19
      Stuck in the Middle (Season 1): 17
      *probably because it's single-cam? Not sure.
      Liv and Maddie (Season 4): 15
      *Dove is set to film Descendants 2 right after production wraps, but I believe they were initially going to shoot more episodes after she finishes the movie.

      It is a bummer we only have 21 because like you said, this arc is taking up so much space.

    3. Okay, so Disney adds groups of episodes over time? Then it's possible we could get more episodes, then, if things look up. I don't mind this Maya-arc really, if it turns out to be good--and continuous. I do not want to take long breaks again.

      21 episodes is about as long as a season of BMW was, but something just seems different. I want Riley and Maya and Farkle and Isadora to grow and have a long journey. 21 episodes, when a entire fifth are devoted to one arc, just doesn't seem like enough.

    4. I don't think it's the length of the arc. The Lauren-arc was about that long, heck even the Topanga losing faith in love at the beginning of season 7 was about that long.

      The difference is firstly, they'd earned their longer arcs with time, but also, generally the arcs were in the background, with other stuff happening as well. Especially with the Lauren arc, which was clearly the superior arc.

  20. Had trouble keeping up with the conversations, so I’m dumping collected musings on Triangle in one spot.

    I thought it was a really good episode, with some bits that sucked. When the show is determined to spend some time sucking, it should still try not to do it right at the start. But that’s what it did here. Maya’s line about being middle school survivors can’t be the dumbest thing a GMW character has said, but it felt that way when she said it.

    The scenes in Art class and the Bay Window were great. I really liked the teacher and hope to see him again. But, didn’t he owe the continued existence of the class, and probably his job, to Maya and company? If I were them, I would have brought that up.

    I’m contrarian about GMW’s steadfast refusal to resolve the romantic impasse, not regretting at all that we aren’t already deep into a Lucas and Riley or Maya relationship storyline. But, this edition of Disney’s Wonderful World of Indecision had the disadvantage of being rather long. I would have seen the source BMW episode for the jellybean business about six or seven months ago, but the homage triggered no memory of it, even after being reminded in Sean’s awesome review. Not sure if that is normal, normal for someone my age, or is something that should scare me shitless.

    This was the least interesting I found Lucas this Season. I liked that they put in his mouth the show’s obligatory denial of randomness and didn’t make the “scientist” say it. I also found the but-Maya-pushed-her bit effective, including Farkle’s slight, resigned nod of agreement.

    I’m contrarian about Katy in this episode too. It was far from the best stuff with Katy, but far-from-best Katy or even the worst Katy is better than no Katy at all. I loved “Tell somebody!” I will try to defend the rest.

    I agree with Corey above that self-effacing humour informed Katy’s reaction to the circumstances. I also think she is aware of her own limitations. GMW has shown Katy in awesome-parent mode many times, and made clear her heart is always in the right place. But, it has also made it clear that the benefits Maya has received from visiting the Matthews include nutrition and a sense of security, which as far as childcare goes isn’t exactly gilding the lily.

    And she didn’t seem really to take seriously the hand-wringing over her daughter’s improved behaviour. But, yeah, as soon as Maya’s trouble with Art was mentioned, she dialed right in.

    I was actually more disappointed in the way Topanga was portrayed in this episode. She is Katy’s employer, and she hauls her in for a parenting intervention, and conducts it in front of both their daughters?

    “Good influences are only good influences when they help you find you.” Does anybody what the fuck that is supposed to mean?

    The identity thing. Obviously Triangle harkened back to Yearbook, the only previous episode I think that truly dealt with identity, with Maya the only one of the gang who became another person. Farkle became a different, befittingly more mature, Farkle. Riley tried to be a different type of person, and was bad at it, amusingly so, her “gah” one of my favourite Rowan Blanchard moments.

    As Kit Cosmo mentioned above, Riley has done this a few times, but always with other versions of Riley, geekier, or darker, or more colourful and heroic. She didn’t actually become a geek, let alone a Japanese teenage girl, and Morotia M. Black and Jexica are the made-up names of alter-egos. Maya turned herself, and has turned or is turning again, into Riley. (Or never changed back?)

    I had thought that event in Yearbook was a one-off, not counting the bit in WOT2 where Maya’s Riley-filled head keeps her from a life a crime. I otherwise took the changes in Maya’s behaviour to be GMW character course corrections that started with Hurricane’s shopping spree. But they blew my mind in Yearbook, and they had my full attention here.

    1. As a teen in high school, Maya would look extremely stupid saying all the middle school crap she always says. "We were kings." "We're middle school survivors." I hate when she says those things.

      Dang, the jellybean scene was pretty iconic for me that there's no way I could've forgotten it. Don't know about everyone else.

    2. Yeah, the jellybean scene was pretty iconic. But I'm starting to second-guess whether I like it here. Because it drawns an unfortunate parallel between what's happening with Lucas here, and what happened with Cory. And I think Cory had greater feelings for Lauren (as in, the girl he -didn't- choose), than Lucas has for either.

      Yeah, Maya has looked decidedly stupid with what she says this year, which is a shame, as I really like Maya. It also feels like something Riley would be saying rather than Maya.

    3. An excellent point about Yearbook, Milestones. That episode was very good--and strikingly different than Rules. In the, earlier-aired episode, the class splits down the middle, but in Yearbook, the extras explicitly said they liked Riley, but they didn't particularly care who played her. A ball of sunshine is a ball of sunshine.

      We may be getting a more tangible identity crisis for Riley somewhere down the line.

      Maya hasn't been sunshine-y, but she also hasn't been particularly misbehaved, outside of Cory's classroom. The exception of course is Girl Meets STEM--but that could be explained with half the class acting up again, so mob mentality might be at play.

      While the jellybean scene is iconic, Shipping did have to remind me of it--though that was before I actually saw the episode completely. Just hearing "Jellybean Scene" doesn't mean much.

      I like what you said about Katy. This wasn't her best appearance, but like you said, once Maya's art classes were brought up, it got serious. I'm maintaining my hope that this is just "Maya's Mother" again, which Katy deliberately trying to nudge her daughter towards Cory and Topanga.

      So, I say, let's just see how this arc goes.

      As for Lucas, I agree, it makes the most sense for him to be all "Things happen for a reason, nothing is random." Not that I'm sure I disagree with that sentiment, it still feels like a cop-out, and it actually seems to be treated as such in-universe.

      That said, it didn't seem to sink through Lucas's thick skull that it doesn't matter if Riley fell into his lap or if Maya pushed her. He still would have been in their class, because he was held back a year. There's no reason to believe that Riley wouldn't take one look at Mr. Ken Doll and fall head over heels for him.

      With regards to comparing it to the past, yeah Will brings up a good point. I think Cory did have, at least more confusion, with regards to Lauren, because it was the first time he had interacted with a girl he found attractive since dating Topanga.

      Also "interesting," is that Farkle said that Lucas had to make a choice, but he himself had not been able to. This isn't strictly true--"Girl Meets Farkle" implied that his childhood flirting was mostly a game, but "Farkle's Choice" had Farkle taking the third option--he went to the awards ceremony alone, rather than cause Riley and Maya to alienate one another.

      Lucas, despite not having much of a choice given to him from the girls, has always had the choice of the third option. He had MONTHS of opportunity to choose this third option after "New Year" and when he did choose it, he immediately went back on it.

      And he also had MONTHS, back in Season One, to tell Riley that he didn't return her feelings--he knew she was infatuated with him as early as "Sneak Attack."

      As for Maya saying "We were kings blah blah blah," I suspect it's to emphasize that Cory isn't going to hold their hands anymore, however much he wants to.


    This guy is property master of GMW apparently. He's not hopeful for Season 4. What do you think? I think it's odd they would know Bizaardvark's done when it just premiered.

    1. Dang. I'm tempted to use harsher language, but it's my New Year's, Summer Resolution not to swear anymore.

      I couldn't get to the link but I saw a chart of the ratings decline and it's pretty alarming.

      Cable is losing more and more viewers, with the rise of streaming. But I still want GMW to be on for longer...Disney Channel's programming has hit a wall. Pursuit-of-fame shows as far as the eye can see, and barely any cartoons. The Channel needs another overhaul.

    2. I agree it's an issue; but what is renewed and what isn't is always confusing. Some things are canned which actually do get viewers; some are given another year.

      Part of the issue, for me anyway, is also you don't really get to play a long game anymore. Famously, way back when now, Babylon 5 had a specific story to be told over 5 years. He was given that time. When he tried the same thing more recently, with Jeremiah, it was canned. STargate also had a lot of 'to be continued' in the new season. Nowadays, you have to conclude your story within the season, because renewals are so dicey.

    3. Speaking as a capitalist, I can understand a company being concerned to take a chance on something. Specific stories can be more expensive. Risk and reward and whatnot.

      However, I am also a man of principles. And I believe that creating a story that lasts, while it may not garner particularly high ratings, is more important in the long run, and potentially more profitable. Firefly is a cult classic, despite only one season.

      Disney saw that people loved Boy Meets World a LOT and watched it a LOT in syndication. And they actually went to Jacobs first, wanting to reboot it. Jacobs said "no, we're fine in syndication; the story is over" and then later approached them with Girl Meets World.

      But you think this is bad? Disney is nothing compared to what Nickelodeon did to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra."

    4. Yeah, but that's the whole thing. In both those cases, they weren't taking a punt on an unknown writer, or formula. It was something that had worked before; and actually -was/is- working, to a point now.

      Not only is there syndication, there's overseas sales, and DVD sales.

      Not talking about individual shows, or which station has better shows, but Nickelodeon, from what I can tell, is terrible in regards to how they treat their shows, whether good or not.

    5. I don't buy it.

      I've followed the shows on this network for some time. While there is sometimes no rhyme or reason shows get canned, they have a pretty predictable schedule and way of doing things. What this person is suggesting is that a network carrying the Disney name is flat broke. One of the biggest names in entertainment, and is an arm of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate has no money. Yeah, I don't buy this one bit.

    6. As long as there is a satisfying ending and not a cliffhanger, I'll be oaky.

    7. if boy meets world doesn't make it to season 4 they should make the last episode really good. they should have a college highschool reunion episode somewhere in season 3. i would love to know where morgan is.

  22. i saw that video too :( if worse comes to worse why doesnt freeform or nextflix pick the show up for another season or 2.

    1. I can see Netflix maybe doing it given that Fuller House is apparently their most viewed original series ever.

    2. i DEFINITELY need a source on that, julia. that can't be true. also, nice ears.

    3. Found one, Sean!

      Lord love a duck! 14 million viewers?! Man alive, I didn't think they were that popular.

      One wonders why Netflix didn't go for Girl Meets World first, rather than Fuller House.

      Also, a bunch of the Disney Channel series and movies are on Netflix, so that may be a factor in ratings. Wait a little while and then you can watch your favorite show, and then skip the crummy episodes.

    4. "Also, a bunch of the Disney Channel series and movies are on Netflix, so that may be a factor in ratings. Wait a little while and then you can watch your favorite show, and then skip the crummy episodes."

      Yeah, I think we discussed that either earlier during this episode; or the previous episodes' discussions. It -will- have an effect, but Disney (and other stations), just have to accept it will, and take that into account. There is a new benchmark for measuring a good rating show, and it's substantially lower.

  23. I like to think he's just being pessimistic after his experience on Shake It Up.

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  25. Clips from "Upstate":

    These look great. Hopefully I'll get to see it all tomorrow.

    1. The next episode is July 8th. They are not airing an episode on 4th of July weekend. I am looking forward to the episode. It will be great to see Shawn again.

  26. Just watched Upstate. It was excellent, but I'm a sucker for a sappy story.

    I'm sure links will leak out over the next few days. If I see any I'll be sure to post them.

  27. Episode descriptions for the July episodes from Disney:

    July 2016 Programming Highlights

    Friday, July 08
    Original Series – Episode Premiere
    Girl Meets World “Girl Meets Upstate”
    (8:30 – 9:00 P.M. EDT)
    Maya and Riley travel upstate to help Maya find her true artistic voice, but neglect to tell Cory and Topanga where they’ve gone.
    Guest starring Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter.

    Friday, July 15
    Original Series – Episode Premiere
    Girl Meets World “Girl Meets True Maya”
    (8:30 – 9:00 P.M. EDT)
    Maya wants to do something bad to balance out all the good she’s done lately.
    Guest starring Reginald VelJohnson as Officer James.

    Friday, July 22
    Original Series – Episode Premiere
    Girl Meets World “Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1”
    (8:30– 9:00 P.M. EDT)
    When Cory becomes the head of the Nature Club, the whole gang heads out on a trip to a familiar ski lodge.

    Friday, July 29
    Original Series – Episode Premiere
    Girl Meets World “Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2”
    (8:30– 9:00 P.M. EDT)
    With the group’s ski trip coming to an end, it is apparent that Lucas must finally choose between Maya and Riley.

    1. Please remember that these Disney descriptions are sometimes misleading and sometimes dead wrong. I'm just reposting what they released today.

    2. I don't remember a time when the descriptions for any Disney episode were misleading/wrong. Now, promos on the other hand...

    3. The description for "Hurricane" consistently said that Cory and Shawn "took the girls out for a fun night" and implied Angela showed up "and almost ruined everything."

      That's not really what happened at all--though sets may have been a factor here. And certainly, from the girls' perspective, Angela could be seen as antagonistic, even if she wasn't at all.

    4. They aren't always accurate. I've seen Upstate, and they aren't going to help Maya find her "true artistic voice", they are going to help her find the old Maya. Those aren't necessarily the same thing.

      Up until Triangle Maya's art has been fine even while she has been evolving.

  28. This is pwfan, reporting on the GMW Writers Q&A from his job.

    You guys, this Q&A is just spectacular. Just the most infuriating, rage inducing, self aggrandizing Q&A possible. I'll comment more when I'm not on the job, but my God. This is amazing.

    1. Jesus, Michael Jacobs has the arrogance of Kayne West in children's television.

    2. It felt like I was watching him giving everyone the digital bird, while simultaneously digitally masturbating at the same time. I wanted to punch a wall.

    3. It's not nearly as bad as last time, when almost all the questions were about the gosh-darned ships.

      And although Ski Lodge came up a few times, we didn't get "Ski Lodge" as an answer fifty times.

      And that answer about Farkle writing his forgiveness letter to the International Turleneck Association was actually pretty funny.

  29. it seems some people have already seen upstate someone should post a link

    1. If I find a link I'll post it. I get to see episodes a week early with Disney Channel On Demand, but I'm not gonna record it on a phone and post it like some folks do, sorry. I just don't have the patience for that.

  30. Part 1/4
    Okay, folks. Here is the complete Q and A for the Twitter fest today:

    1. Will Cory and Topanga ever have another baby?
    A: No, we like these two.

    2. Will we ever see more of eric? What about Jack? Angela? I want to see more of the BMW cast!
    A: As our cast grows, we are concentrating on them

    3. A lot of people think Riley is helping Maya, but I think she’s tearing apart her growth. Riley can be wrong, right?
    A: Riley and Maya are the best things that ever happened to each other. In the end that is what our show is about.

    4. Is the parallel between Corpanga’s first “I love you” and Riarkle’s first “I love you” important?
    A: Nope

    5. Farkle is always there for Riley when she needs him. Will there b a future scene moment where Riley is there 4Farkle?
    A: Yes.

    6. Are we going to get another Rucas kiss soon?
    A: Could be

    7: I have so many questions but first, I wanted to say that I love this show and you are doing a great job!
    A: thank you

    8. When is the next joshaya moment?
    A: Ski Lodge 1 and 2. Especially 2.

    9. Please answer. Was there really an campfire kiss like in the photo. will lucaya ever kiss?
    A: We shot the scene two ways. We felt the other was better for where the story was going.

    10. Does costuming matter? The parallels between outfits are not merely coincidences? Right?
    A: costuming matters and in the current episodes matters a great deal

    11. Does Farkle have romantic feelings for Riley or Maya?
    A: No he never has but he has loved them both ever since he met them. His romantic feelings are for Smackle.

    12. Are you aware your show is helping kids improve their grades esp in English?
    A: That’s great. We hope the show improves you in lots of ways.

    13. In which episode is the biggest life lesson? A hint about it?
    A: People change people has always been our theme. In the current episodes it plays out.

    14. Will Lucas ever have his moment with Riley?
    A: Ski Lodge Part 2

    15. Rucas has had their chance and it didn’t work out, doesn’t Lucaya deserve the same chance?
    A: That’s interesting, about what works out and what doesn’t.

    16. Who did Farkle write his letter to in GMtFP last season? Is it important moving forward?
    A: Great question. Farkle asked forgiveness to the International Turtleneck Association because it was time for change.

    17. Would you consider a Josh-centric episode? It’d be awesome to see how he met the world!
    A: Josh plays a big role in upcoming episodes

    18. Will we get any more emotional scenes of Riley dealing with her insecurities?
    A: Riley and Maya because of each other are changed people. Their insecurities have diminished as their relationship grows strong.

    19. Can you tell us what was Maya and Josh’s reaction when they saw each other again? PLEASE!
    A: You won’t want to miss that. Ski Lodge 1 and 2.

    20. Will there be more storylines for Auggie and Ava?
    A: Yes, very funny ones.

    1. In response to my brother's enlightening posts, I have decided to respond to each individual question. There was some I liked, some I disliked.

      1. So no third baby for Cory and Topanga? Not surprised. Not disappointed. A new baby wouldn't add that much to Riley's story, from my perspective. And it would probably feel a bit too much like Good Luck Charlie.

      2. We're not going to see the veterans unless the plot demands it to happen...

      3. They say it all the time, but it does look like some more serious, less moralistic friction is going to occur between the girls.

      4. Uh oh. Looks like the U.S.S. Riarkle is taking on water. Oh well.

      5. Looking forward to this. I like the idea of them being Platonic Life Partners.

      6. I despise Friar.

      7. That's not a question.

      8. Why the heck didn't you sink Joshaya permanently in "Tell-Tale Tot"?

      9. Okay, now this is interesting. There's a thousand horrendous fanfics about Friar and Maya actually kissing in Texas. It actually does make one wonder what would happen.

      10. Okay, I'll keep my eyes peeled. Costuming actually can matter quite a bit. Something to note: Maya's worn quite a few of the outfits Shawn bought her frequently.

      11. And with that the U.S.S. Riarkle and the U.S.S. Markle have taken severe hits and are taking on water.

      12. Define "improving grades." English is one thing, but there's not a darn thing this show has taught anyone in science, to say nothing of Cory's history lessons.

      13. Eh. Can't really complain, but I'd like there to be more defining episodes. "Security Guy" and "The Eskimo" are wonderful, but an arc that delivers the same is good.

      14. It took him over TWO YEARS to get here! Friar is a coward!

      15. Not helping your case!

      16. Okay, that was legitimately funny.

      17. More Josh, yay. Joshaya? Not yay. Let him play with his brother and his niece and nephew.

      18. Her infatuation with the coward aside, Riley does seem a bit more sure of herself. So, I guess I buy that.

      19. NO! NO! NO!

      20. These two have never been funny. Likely because they're both little. Little kid actors are usually funnier when they have scenes with big actors.

  31. Part 2/4
    Here is the second part of the Q and A the writers did today. It gets worse.

    21. Is Lucaya gonna happen after upstate?
    A: Rucas and Lucaya and all the other ships are never what we wanted to concentrate on. You will see as the show continues.

    22. How excited are you for this season?
    A: We think this is our best season and we are really proud of the other two.

    23. Is there going to be a 4th and final season?
    A: We don’t know. We are concentrating on finishing up Season 3 and then we will see what happens.

    24. Is there a new couple thats going to happen soon?
    A: There are two couples that happen soon and then a third couple that happens because of the two couples.

    25. Will Riley become more confident with herself and her relationship with Lucas?
    A: It is Riley’s friendship with Maya that makes Riley’s confidence stronger.

    26. Is there hope for Riarkle to turn into more than a friendship?
    A: We believe Farkle’s feelings for Riley and Maya to be equal. He wouldn’t change that. That’s why he is a genius.

    27. Is there a chance of there being a baby Hunter? :D (Shawn and Katy)
    A: Hmmmmmm

    28. Where did Lucas find a horse in New York?
    A: Central South Park. There’s millions of them.

    29. Why was this triangle (that isn’t a triangle) started?
    A: So it can be ended correctly.

    30. Will Maya ever get sick?
    A: She’s very healthy. She eats right and exercises every day,

    31. Is it important that it’s the same bench in both pictures or am I just over analyzing?
    A: Right. That was a story point. It’s why Maya painted that bench.

    32. Does Josh coming back basically help resolve why it wasn’t a triangle in the first place?
    A: Ding, ding, ding, ding.

    33.If lucaya and riarkle aren’t endgame then what were all these hints for? (DO NOT ASK WHICH HINTS)
    A: Every hint we ever gave pointed the story in the direction it’s going.

    34. What is Josh’s reaction to seeing the new Maya, with all her matured clothing etc.?
    A: It’s not the clothes he will find mature. It’s the person.

    35. Do not play with the lucaya shippers’ hearts, please
    A: We love the relationship between Maya and Lucas and wouldn’t change it for the world.

    36. Are you planning to move to free form (abc)? Please say yes I really love GMW.
    A: these things aren’t under our control. We will give you our best as long as we are allowed.

    37. May has her talent in art. What does our smol bean Riley have talent in?
    A: Clearly she is a psychotherapist.

    38. Is there a friendship that will turn in to something more?
    A: Yep, a few of them.

    39. In the Upstate sneak peeks, why does Riley make everything about her??
    A: Not so. She is all about Maya.

    40. In Ski Lodge there’s a rumor that Lauren and her son come back… Will the sons dad be there too?
    A: Part of that rumor is true.

    1. Moving on...

      21. If you didn't want ships, you should have paid better attention. Lucas knew Riley liked him throughout most of the first season, and he knew he didn't like her back. He could have nipped this in the bud, and by extent most of the other ships, a long time ago, and has refused to do so.

      22. Blah.

      23. Oh boy.

      24. Ugh. You just said you didn't want to focus on ships.

      25. No kidding. Even with all this drama, Maya is worth ten of Lucas. She actually takes action when she's angry and wants to fix something.

      26. On the one hand, I love the idea of Riley and Farkle just being devoted, platonic friends. On the other hand, one could argue they could set up that Farkle is not as clever as he thinks.

      27. Ten bucks says they name it after either Alan, Jonathan Turner, or George Feeny. You want to take me up on that, pwfan?

      28. What are they talking about? Is it that horse from "Friendship"?

      29. Ugh.

      30. Shame. A sick-episode would...actually not add that much, unless they play it for drama as appendicitis.

      31. Okay, that's something I like.

      32. I suppose it's too much to hope that Josh tells Lucas to scram for what he's done and that's how this ends.

      33. That's not an answer!

      34. AUGH!

      35. AUGH!

      36. The executives are pulling strings, but nothing on heaven or earth could convince me that GMW would do well on Freeform.

      37. Eh, we kind of got that in "Maya's Mother." So, that's nice. If Riley decides to actually pick a career, I'm game.

      38. AUGH!

      39. Of course, she's all about Maya. Hence why she is going to the lengths she is.

      40. Run.

  32. Part 3/4 of the Writers' Q and A. Brace yourselves. It gets bad.

    41. If feelings tear apart growth then do feelings change when a character grows
    A: Interesting question. The right feelings lead to the right growth. All feelings help you understand yourself.

    42. Will we be shocked with girl meets ski lodge
    A: Nope, it is exactly right.

    43. What is the real meaning behind this triangle, that was never really a triangle?
    A: At this age relationships are so important that we decided to show what actually is.

    44. Something big to look forward too in season 3?
    A: Absolutely

    45. There won’t be another triangle, will there?
    A: There won’t even be a first triangle.

    46. Will there be a season 3 kiss?
    A: could be.

    47. On a scale of 1-10 how shocked will we be during ski lodge??
    A: Those who understand the story 1. Those who don’t 10.

    48.Will we see more moments with Riley and her parents this season??
    A: Yes. Blow out fight with Topanga. Coming soon.

    49. When will we be getting a Zay centric episode? We want to meet his family
    A: So do we.

    50. What was the first thing joshaya say when they meet again?
    A: Hey Kiddies. I’m wrong.

    51. When will we be getting a Smackle centric episode? We want to meet her family.
    A: So do we.

    52. Why Shawn and Cory didn’t marry each other? I mean look at them!
    A: We know, right?

    53. When will we meet Lucas’ immediate family (mother/father, siblings, etc.)
    A: We kind of like the Pappy Joe relationship.

    54. Can we please get more Cory and Topanga moments? They are such a legendary couple, they deserve more
    A: One of the most amazing things about them is how much they understand that the series is about their children.

    55. Look out for me at your July 19th taping, I’ll be there! I’m beyond excited!
    A: Looking forward Taylor.

    56. Lets get this settled, has Maya liked Lucas since the very beginning, when she and riley met him on the subway?
    A: No

    57. Can y’all put Zay in the opening credits??
    A: We wanted to. Amir chose to be semi-regular this season and therefore could not be in the opening.

    58. Who is the funniest on set?
    A: They are all remarkably funny.

    59. Does Feeny Feheheheeeny give anyone advice in S3?
    A: Yes.

    60. Do you let the cast help with scripts? Like can they help with the subjects for an episode?
    A: The scripts are created in the Writer’s Room. Once they get to the set we rehearse them and talk about them.

    1. 41. Right feelings lead to the right growth...Riley's infatuation over Lucas has had no growth. What's taking so long?

      42. Meh.


      44. That was a lousy question.

      45. Prove this wasn't a triangle.

      46. Shawn and Katy haven't kissed yet, have they?

      47. Define shocked. Will Lucas be struck by lightning?

      48. Can this be more than one episode please? Let the fight simmer.

      49. I have nothing against Zay, but unless he can have an episode that allows Riley something to do, I'm not so sure.

      50. Are they actually saying "Joshaya" is wrong? Please, God in Heaven, let that be what they're saying.

      51. I am very fond of Isadora. Give her something to do with Riley and I'm in.

      52. Ha ha.

      53. I like Pappy Joe too. What would he have to say about this mess?

      54. Translation--if we gave you more Corpanga, all you'd ever be here for is Corpanga. Not that that's not the reason we're all here anyway, but I can't fault him here.

      55. That's not a question either.

      56. when did Maya start to like Lucas? I can't imagine it actually began with "Yearbook."

      57. Fair enough.

      58. Like they'll really name somebody, unless that one person is universally regarded by cast and crew as the funniest. Also, Will Friedel probably isn't around often enough to count.

      59. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY! With that settled, I'd like Feeny to actually give Riley advice that's a bit more...shall we say specific. Last time round, he spoke to Cory and Topanga's daughter. This time, let him speak to Riley.

      60. Fair enough.

  33. Part 4/4. If you're still reading this shit, God bless.

    61. Maya’s a main character, right?
    A: Very main.

    62. It was really long so… (the person inserted a picture of Lucas and Maya in GMHS 2)
    A: This is clearly answered in Ski Lodge 1 and 2.

    63. Is there any significance behind Riley’s purple cat?
    A: Yes, especially for Maya

    64. Season 1 was friendship, 2 was growth, 3 is feelings. so what will season 4 be?
    A: If we get a Season 4 we will absolutely come up with something.

    65. If Rucas or Lucaya end up together will it be temporary or the end
    A: There is only one Cory and Topanga.

    66. Are the Seniors going to be in any mor eepisodes?
    A: They were great, weren’t they?

    67. In gmski lodge is lucas choice final?
    A: This is a show about real life. You only know what’s final when it’s final.

    68. Is Riley the only one in her group of friends that is not the only child?
    A: No, we’ve just elected not to focus on siblings.

    69. rewatched a few season2 eps seems Riley likes two boys one like a bro… with that said will maya need to tell Riley
    A: Like life, people don’t actually understand what their feelings are until they explore them.

    70.Will we learn more about Zay this season
    A: Yes.

    71. Valley teen wants to change lay allowing corporal punishment in schools PLS READ THIS
    A: It is interesting to us that many of the subjects we have tackled are in the news

    72. Why do you think the ratings are so low now?
    A: They aren’t. Girl Meets World is the most watched show on the network. We are proud of that.

    73. Favorite episode so far?
    A: We like so many of them it is hard to pick out a favorite, but the next few episodes are truly extraordinary.

    74. I’ve got a list of questions for the @GMWWriter’s Twitter Q&A at 2pm central/12 pst. Hopefully one of them gets answered.
    A: We hope so too.

    75. This question is not about the show but you…… why do you like playing with my heart?
    A: Thanks. We are absolutely trying to get you to think and feel. That’s why we do this.

    76. How many of these will you actually answer?
    A: Another few minutes and then we go back to the script.

    77. Were these meant to parallel each other? (Picture of Adult Maya next to Lucas in Texas and Adult Riley next to Farkle wearing a turtleneck)
    A: Sometimes these actually is coincidence.

    78. Did Rider and Ben remember their handshake for gm upstate or did they have to re-learn it?
    A: They knew it perfectly.

    79. So are you going with the storyline of Maya was having an identity crisis this whole time and never liked Lucas?
    A: This will be look at in upcoming episodes. It is not as simple as that at all.

    80. Can we get a scene where Riley watches a game of the Knicks, Plz???
    A: You don’t want to see that. The room gets turned upside down.

    1. 61. Good Lord, how the heck is Maya not a main character?

      62. Ugh.

      63. Okay, now I'm curious

      64. Twenty bucks says it's "life." I'm not a gambling man, certainly no Gambling Dan, but I stand firm here. Any takers?


      66. In the name of everything holy, no more seniors, unless they return as actual bullies.

      67. Do they want me to stamp my feet and say "I Hate Lucas" twenty times again?

      68. I heard that Zay has an older brother, and Maya has younger half-siblings through Kermit. I don't care about the former, but the latter could be interesting, especially with Shawn and Jack apparently not close.

      69. NOT A QUESTION!

      70. I'd like to know a bit about Zay, but as I've said, he doesn't contribute much to Riley's story.

      71. Okay, that is interesting.

      72. I thought Liv and Maddie was above GMW. Even so, how many viewers has the Channel lost?

      73. I lost count of the number of times you praised an episode that didn't deserve it.

      74. Sigh...........

      75. Tell a better story and make us feel things outside of this maudlin friendship and teen romance. Make us angry in-universe about things other than the Triangle. Make us sad. Have Riley get mugged and make us feel fear.

      76. They did that on purpose.

      77. So Friar's responsibility-waving "everything happens for a reason, nothing is coincidence" line is bogus?

      78. That's the best thing in this Q&A.

      79. Good.

      80. Awwwwwwwwww....pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  34. Part 5/4. Damn character limit.

    81. I feel like starting a drinking game during the Writers Q&A: Every vague answer, drink up!
    A: Here’s something that isn’t vague. If you are lucky enough to have a true friend, hold on tight.

    82. Do you understand that we ship lucaya & riarkle?
    A: We understand

    83. Why does maya get so much hate when she was influenced by Riley?
    A: They all have changed each other. They have all influenced each other.

    84. Ur favorite character?
    A: Corn Chip Dave.

    85. I’m hoping that once the nontriangle is resolved all the shipwars end. I’m tired of all the drama on social media.
    A: This will be our last question of the session. We completely agree. We are hopeful that our wonderful audience will come to understand that this has never been about couples or ships. Our show is designed to teach young people that life brings you wonderful episodes, wonderful adventures, and they are even more wonderful when shared with friends. And the best thing you can do for a friend is to positively influence them, to change them, and to grow with them. We will continue to bring you episodes that are heartfelt and sincere. We hope you enjoy them and these characters and situations we have created for you. We were so proud of Boy Meets World and we are just as proud of Girl Meets World. We are grateful for your loyalty and we thank you for staying with us. Onward.

    1. 81. Is this from one of our readers? It sure feels like it.

      82. Then why haven't you put a firmer stop to it?! You've had plenty of time!

      83. I don't think Maya gets hate in-universe at all--though "hate" has become so common a verb, I fear it's lost its meaning.

      84. Joke answer.

      85. Never about couples or ships? Then why did you make Riley so infatuated with Friar?! WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG TO GET HERE?! What adventures? These kids don't go anywhere--though I get budget is a thing; they only have so many sets. Friar is a terrible excuse for a friend to let this go on for so long.

      That said, I'm loyal to Michael Jacobs--since he did give us BMW. And I'm stubborn. I'm sticking things through till the end.

  35. Thank you for doing that Shipping. Reading through them again has pissed me off all over again. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The only reason we are in a Triangle, is because Uriah Shelton (Uncle Josh) got in a motorcycle accident. They are spelling it out right in front of you. Joshaya was always in the cards, and is probably one of the romantic endgames.

    Speaking of endgames, Farkle and Isadora are it. Unless Riley ends up with Zay, then...Rucas is it. And Lucas Friar doesn't deserve either girl, so it's mildly disappointing. I'll just be happy when this BS is over.

    Cryptid, of course they are. I'd be insane to take that action.

    1. I don't know...the answer to 50 almost seems like they're hinting "Joshaya" is wrong.

      I see you too have gotten into the habit of saying Isadora. Splendid--whether she and Farkle are endgame or not, she has more than earned the right to be called by her first name.

      I seriously doubt Rucas is actually endgame, seeing as the Writers are emphasizing there is only one Cory and Topanga.

      Is it wrong for me to want Friar to break Riley's heart?

      And seeing as they have had no one-on-one interaction in almost a year, and he knows even less about her than Friar, I doubt Zay and Riley will even consider dating.

    2. I -want- that to be the answer, but I think they're suggesting he's saying he's wrong that Maya's too young for him.

      I'm pretty sure I've read at some point they have stated Riley and Lucas are not endgame. And yes, only one Cory and Topanga is a hint - it's supposedly why they made sure Shawn and Angela didn't end up together.

    3. Pwfan, my man, I must admit I didn't take the time to make this list. I stole it from Tumblr.

      And if Rucas is endgame, I'm going to projectile vomit....seeing Riley and Zay date for like a week before they'd kill each other would be fun though.

    4. I don’t think they have had anyone on the show besides Maya say a relationship between her and Josh is okay anywhere else but in the distant future. Unless I have misunderstood, he is now in university while she is in Grade 9. It’s unthinkable that they would actually pair them off.

    5. Yeah well; I hope you're right. But I'm hearing too many things hinting at it being a thing.

  36. So yesterday, during a slower time at work, my mind went off to wonder. My mind went to Boy Meets World Season 6, Episode 17, "Resurrection."

    It's not exactly an episode I like, but you could argue that it makes the case that growing up does not necessarily mean leaving a huge part of what makes you, "you" behind.

    Sean and Christian did not like this episode very much at all.

    YMMV on "Resurrection," to say the least, but if this is the message they're going for, and actually take the time to justify it, then I think it will be delivered a lot more effectively, and I'm all for it.

    1. Resurrection is one of those episodes my partner -hugely- despises because of Cory's actions. Our opinions on how much Cory is to blame for everything vary a bit, but I'm not exactly fond of the episode either.

      The problem with that being the message (and yeah, it might well be), is it's really done in a very small scene; and the message is swallowed by most of the rest of the episode.

    2. Yeah, I agree that "Resurrection" may be Cory's very worst episode in the history of ever.

      But the more I think about it, the more I think that's what they're actually going for with Maya. Objectively speaking, there's nothing wrong with the message itself. And since the crisis that's bringing it up is entirely internal, it's actually for the better.

    3. My partner would be relieved to hear that. We've just started season 7 and she's still quite annoyed with him.

      It's a message that really needs to be done over time. I actually like that message; and if it's what they're going for, I'll be a happy man.

  37. Spot on review Christian. Fuck this episode. I really don't think that what's happening is "Maya is becoming Riley" but to even suggest it, is deplorable.

  38. The accent I think was Minnesota as heard in Fargo (the movie). If it is Canadian, it's from a part of Canada with which I am unfamiliar.

    1. You're in Ontario, right Milestones? And you mentioned you spent some time in Montreal when you were a kid with a military dad. Alberta maybe? Or Saskatchewan?

      Canada spreads out even further than the States, so I can well imagine that the accents and creoles are as varied there as they are here.

    2. Cryptid, I'm actually in Manitoba, but have spent significant time in every province save the Atlantic ones, and have never been to the North. Mostly through the military, I have spent time in the company of Maritimers and Newfoundlanders.

      With the caveat I have ancient ears and an increasingly unreliable memory, it didn't sound like anything I have heard up here. For sure, there could well be things I haven't heard. But it sounded exactly like Fargo.

    3. Was Fargo any good? It'd be good to know what to watch after Shipping and I get around to Friday Night Lights.

      Also, how was Canada Day?

    4. Wait, where in Ontario are you?? Im there (or I guess here) too! :)

    5. Julia, I'm actually in Winnipeg, but did live for a few years in Kingston and spent some time in Toronto (and Petawawa). Whereabouts are you?

  39. They filmed "World of Terror 3" this week. It's a what-if episode with 3 stories. It can't be worse than last years abomination.

    Fun fact - August Maturo is in the episode, but Auggie Matthews is not.

    1. Everything on Earth is better than that non-canonical episode spawned from the pits of Hell.

      I'm actually looking forward to "World of Terror 3." I heard the basic ideas for a couple what-ifs, and they were pretty good.

  40. Pics from Girl Meets True Maya.

    Sweet Jesus, Doy's back.

    Looks like no Zay or Smackle either. Fuccckkkk.

    1. That's not much of a promotion. I'm not excited at all.