Friday, June 5, 2015

Episode Review: "Girl Meets The Tell-Tale Tot" (#2.06)

I've noticed Girl Meets World episodes often have a habit of starting off pretty strong and then the wheels fall off the wagon near the end as they try to HAMMER. HOME. THE LESSON. This episode is no exception. I enjoyed the first half immensely. Riley and Maya were both charming, there were funny moments throughout. Lucas was conspicuously absent from the classroom scenes too, though Zay scooted up and took his spot and I'm not sure that qualifies as an improvement. 

Like Sean said in an earlier post, I like this premise. It's probably something that would have worked a little better if they were a few years older - high schoolers can blend into a college party, middle schoolers can not. But otherwise I'd still like it. These are real shenanigans. While I was never naive enough to think Disney might actually tackle the real dangers a coupla fourteen-year-old girls might face at a college party, I did think they might make some tacit reference to at least... drinking. A little bit maybe? Sadly, no. Really, though, while this didn't look like many college parties I went to, it did kind of feel like an accurate representation of what just... hanging out in a dorm is like. People chilling on beds talking, people coming in and out. So, that was fine. And how well Riley managed to fit in was pretty funny too. Riley was actually awesome throughout in this one. 

What I didn't like was how Maya and Josh it got. I get that you need a little of that, because that's what takes them to the party in the first place, but that it ended with a bunch of people sitting around talking out the Maya and Josh relationship was really lame. And I didn't believe anything that happened with those college girls. I didn't believe that they'd be this invested, I didn't believe that they'd sort of support Maya's crush on Josh and basically demand Josh entertain the idea, I didn't believe that they'd drag all this information out of Maya, in front of Josh, in a way that, if I were her, I'd find absolutely mortifying. The longer the conversation went on, the less I believed the way anyone was acting, and less I believed these people were real and actually saying things. 

There was a potential for a nice moment here, when Riley and Josh called Maya out on not really knowing him, and for a second it looked like Maya was about to agree. I'd have liked that. For Maya's earlier "This isn't a crush, I know what I feel." to be pointed out as being bullshit. But then they tried to act like Maya really DOES know him, and that sucked. Anything that... acts like this relationship is viable sucks. Yes, true, in a few years this age gap (which ought to be four given their grades,  but is for some reason three years) is going to seem like nothing, but for now... let it go. Josh, go date high school seniors; Maya, go date eighth-graders. Because there was this weird air of... "To be continued..." in the way things ended there that was sketchy. He's a senior, she's an eighth grader, and it's weird for them to date. Oh, and Cory and Topanga, who witness all this, should be putting the kibosh on it big time and are not doing a damn thing. 

What's also odd about all this is the fact that we got the pre-ordained relationship of Lucas and Riley, and this complicated by age relationship of Josh and Maya... and yet Josh and Maya actually look about the same age, and Lucas and Riley look like there's an age gap. Honestly, Lucas looks older than Josh. In fact... I'm going to look it up. Alright, he's not older than Josh, but Uriah Shelton and Sabrina Carpenter are only two years apart, compared to Peyton and Rowan's three. So, anyway, that doesn't help either. If they'd gotten an older looking guy I'd totally get that they knew this was wrong. But right now I just don't know where theie head is with this... is Josh and Maya actually going to happen? 'Cause I really don't think it should. 

The tot thing was dumb. There was no reason for the tot thing. Except I did enjoy Cory's scene with the tots. I just didn't need it to turn into a puppet tot. And it really didn't add much. 

I was glad to see Riley actually got grounded for sneaking out. That's the kind of thing that would happen on BMW - Cory would be found out or come clean and actually have a nice talk with the folks or with Feeny and all would be forgiven... but he still got grounded or detention.



Ohohohohohohohohohohohoh, oh my goodness, what a crock of shit. 

Christian describes this one as a descent from good to bad, but for me it was more of a sandwich. The beginning and end were flaming crap, but that middle, mmmmwah, prime rib, filet mignon, caviar. So let's break down the sandwich.

I made a prediction in our post about Jack that Riley would make a bad poker face while all dialogue pauses so the audience can laugh. I guessed that it would happen three times, and we ended up with two.

This show's predictability is a crippling wound. You can see every joke coming, every bit of conversation feels so one-dimensional and.... rough-drafty. Like Jacobs describes the scene and they just go with the first thing that someone puts on paper. It's so simple, so basic. Is that a necessary byproduct of being a kids' show? I don't think so, there are plenty of kids' cartoons with nuanced writing. 

So the first ten or so minutes were a total waste for me, with the exception of the tater tot puppet's unbearable cuteness and I want one. It brought nothing to the show, of course, but as an object in real life I want it. At the ten minute mark I assumed I would be tearing the entire episode to pieces. 

As it turned out, I was the most wrong I have been in a long time and my expectations have been reset for this show. Riley immediately thriving in the dorm's environment is one of the best things in this whole series. This reminded me of episode 3.20 in Boy Meets World, the story is about Shawn and Cory is, for some reason, excellent at selling real estate in the background. I adored that real estate gag, and I adored this sorority stuff. It was unpredictable and still believable, it was new, it was funny, we haven't seen anything like that that I can remember. 

"It's a Gamma thing." Fucking hilarious. "You were already voted best-friend-to-have." God, every line... I am so impressed with that whole bit. Bravo. Standing ovation.

There. That's me clapping in real life. That's how much I enjoyed it.

I need to shave.

But then, as is the way of the sandwich, we went back to shit real quick. I don't have anything to add for the last 7 minutes, really, Christian hit it all the same way I would have. It was unrealistic and honestly pretty awkward, Maya/Josh needs to stop being portrayed as a real thing. I was SUPER excited to see Riley calling out Maya's bullshit feelings, just like Christian said, but then they fucking tried to sell us on it for real. What a huge mistake. They almost had me, they were so close, but we ended up in another galaxy. I also want to highlight Christian's comment, "Cory and Topanga, who witness all this, should be putting the kibosh on it big time and are not doing a damn thing." That earns my second standing ovation of the night. They need to step the fuck in.

Auggie was a total non-factor and I still don't care for him. 

Zay was the best he's been, but that is an almost meaningless statement.

As unappealing as the Josh storyline is, I can admit that Uriah Shelton is an enjoyable actor to watch. Maybe the bar is just set low after Lucas and Zay, but for the garbage nonsense he's being dealt, he makes it easy to watch.

Christian? At least admit that the tater tot was cute.

I don't know, man. I'm kind of a sucker for cuteness. You don't even wanna be around me when there's a baby or a puppy. That puppet was just weird. I found his voice kind of funny? I guess. But mostly I was just wondering how this talking tot, which was a surprisingly small aspect of the episode, didn't get excised entirely. 

Interesting, so you hated the beginning, loved the middle, hated the end. Now, there is some crossover here, as what I'm defining as the beginning and the end is that I liked everything until they ended up in that dorm room with Josh and the girls, and didn't like anything after - besides them getting grounded, I guess. So, I suspect all that middle you liked is actually there in my beginning I liked.

And I meant to get around to it, but yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed Riley-in-the-dorm. I enjoy when they show us new sides to Riley, like Riley the Obsessive Knicks Fan (which, by the way, needs to not be a thing that was mentioned once and then dropped, that needs to be a thing with her) and now Riley the Really Shines in College. I loved all that, how she was the one who felt bolder and more in control in this atmosphere which is exactly the opposite of what you expect. I love the Maya and Riley dynamic as-is, but ultimately... they're both so young. They don't know who they are yet. And so there's a degree that Maya, with all her tough talk, is just a fraud and a poser, who talks a big game but is ultimately as fragile and needy as the rest of us, and so there's a degree where Riley, for all her naivete and innocence, can be savvy and bold and kick-ass when she wants to be. I like that. 

Also, I totally cracked up when Riley and the sorority girl did the "Stop it." and Maya protested and Riley delivered a scathing "Grow up."

Whata handsome young man, Sean. Laaaaaaaadies in..... Florida, is it? Am I right about that? I used to think you were in Canada for a while, I'm not sure why. Anyway, ladies, better get in line!

And, then, yeah, we agree on the end. Sure, I'll grant this is Zay's best episode but... he also was barely in it, so, I mean, what's that tell ya? I still didn't like him. The thing with Zay is, the kind of character he is? That's a kind of character I actually tend to like in things. They seem to want him to be a charming rogue, a troublemaking rascal, always getting by with his wits. That's great. I'd love a guy like that on Girl Meets World. They just need to have writing and an actor that can sell it. 

Oh,  c'mon, Auggie's fine. I don't pay him much mind, but he doesn't bother me. But then Morgan didn't bother me either during those periods in Season 1 and 2 where Lily Nicksay's version seemed to be driving you crazy during your walkthrough. Now, I'm the youngest in my family, so maybe it's because I don't know what little siblings are like, but Morgan and Auggie always seem like what it would be like, especially with much younger siblings. They're always running around, doing and saying stuff, ostensibly being up to something, but I'm not really paying that much attention to them because I'm living my dramatic 13-year-old life.  

Hmm. Uriah Shelton's fine. Certainly the best of the teenage male cast, but then, the teenage male cast is a weak point on this show. Much like I like clever n'er-do-wells like Zay's supposed to be, I like slick charmers as well, like Josh is supposed to be, but I'm not sure I'm sold yet. But I think I need to see Josh do more than say "My brother!" and be lusted after. 

The clever and charming rogue is the best archetype there is. I hope they can pull it together. 

If you've ever read Boy Meets World Reviewed, you know that I'm a big fan of the episodes inspired by literature. This was no "Me And Mr. Joad," but I definitely still appreciate the effort.



EPISODE 17, SEASON 1, NINE MINUTES AND FORTY TWO SECONDS. Feeny starts to read The Tell Tale Heart and Cory feels guilty about lying for Shawn. In the entire universe of literature, Jacobs really felt like re-using one from BMW? And don't give me that "Cory is passing on a lesson from Feeny" crap. Cory is not Feeny, Girl Meets World is not Boy Meets World, we can't just rehash the old lessons and reuse the old literature. Or at least give Feeny credit, Cory, damn. 

And yeah, I live in "It can't possibly be this hot" Florida, but I was in "It can't possibly be this cold" Wisconsin for most of BMW Reviewed.

Ah, interesting. Yeah, and now that you say it, I think I do remember you taking a hiatus one week because you were moving cross-country. Well, there you have it folks. Sean's thoughts are coming at you courtesy of the Sunshine State. And, if you're curious, I live in Chicago.

See, while I don't like when they totally rip-off plotlines and reuse them, I don't mind them reusing history lessons. In school, you're going to read the Tell-Tale Heart. Feeny doesn't own teaching that story. Although, I'm not sure why Cory's teaching it. BECAUSE HE'S THEIR HISTORY TEACHER. C'mon, bring in the hip English teacher from "Girl Meets the New Teacher" stat. Take some of the teaching load off Cory's teacher so he can play the role he was always meant to play - dorky dad. Dude's been a dorky dad since he was 14. It's finally his time. I forgot to mention it, but I really enjoyed Miley being shocked that Cory and Topanga were the same age - though I do have trouble believing Riley wouldn't already know that.

Oh, I forgot to mention. And this is quite embarassing for a coupla BMW-philes like us, but... I don't remember this Cory doing Real Estate bit you mention. This is in "I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian"? I remember the episode. But I don't remember Cory doing anything but hunting Chet down and winding up dancing with that bar girl in the bar as Topanga looked on disapprovingly. This real estate business rings no bells. Guess I better cease my habit of all my BMW-rewatching being Seasons 4 and 5. 

Not sure if we're not here or not, but in case we are:

Episode Rating: B-, I guess.
Episode MVP: Rowan Blanchard for sure.

I'm in no rush to finish up, so if you got more, let me have it. Otherwise, let's speculate about Farkle's mom more now that we apparently have... no candidates. 

You disappoint me, padawan. It's in the first half when Shawn and Turner are looking for a new place. For carpet, Cory recommends the "shag, cuz it's feels good between your toes." I've carried that line with me for eight years, that's at like the two minute mark. And then again from 4:30 to 5:00. I think that's it, so it's not really a running joke, but whatever. That's a good episode. "I'd do it again."

There's an entire universe of literature to choose from though. Crime and Punishment follows a similar exploration of a guilty mind, and Dostoyevsky was brilliant. I maintain that Tell Tale Heart was a lazy choice. 

So let's readdress Farkle's mom.
That article we linked to in the investigation post was inarguable. If their alleged hints were all true, then it must be Kelly Packard's character. So either their hints are wrong, or the writers are being cute, since, they're right, Farkle's mom is not Kelly Packard, it's Tracy, the character that she played. 

I'm leaning toward the second option. I have yet to see a source on the claim that the girl was in season one, which is the linchpin for the Tracy argument, but I'm willing to believe that it exists.

Oh come now, Dostoyevsky's great and all, but first of all, they're not going to have 8th graders reading it, and secondly, it doesn't provide as clear and simple a visual as The Tell-Tale Heart. You get the point right away with the Tell-Tale Heart. You can explain the plot in one sentence, and that's what's needed here. And while there's an entire universe of literature to choose from, in terms of the books that get taught in middle school, no, there's probably only about 50 or so books to choose from. Maybe less. I find in middle school (and high school) what everyone reads is usually pretty much the same with very limited exception. And I certainly didn't touch Russian literature until college. 

I mean, god, I guess they could be getting all semantical like that, but God, is this mystery that important that they want to keep it going in that way? Obviously no one thinks the actress Kelly Packard is the mother, they meant her character(s). God, I'm just mad at this whole premise now. 

Would you go with Tracy and not Candy? I find Candy the more memorable of her characters. 

Yes, I think they are being intentionally pedantic to preserve the mystery. Obviously they're not gonna go YUP THIS GUY GOT IT RIGHT, IT'S SPOILED. The statement "Farkle's mom is Kelly Packard" is not true, and I'd probably do the same thing if someone were trying to guess a secret of mine. As long as I had some sort of wiggle room, I wouldn't be giving it away. 

Well, that's all she wrote for this review folks. We'll be back on Friday for a brand new episode, "Girl Meets the Rules" that seems to involve them devolving into a Lord of the Flies scenario when Cory is gone and they don't have a sub for some reason. 

I wonder if Farkle is going to declare himself supreme overlord while the audience goes "ahahaha."


  1. You leave the tot out of this! It grew on me. And was kind of cute.

    Let's get right to the heart of this episode, cause that's all that we'll be talking about. Josh and Maya. When we saw this potential pairing together in Season 1, the first thing I said was they had to write this right. Or else it will come off kind of weird, due to the age difference. Well, this was going good right up until after Maya's monologue. From there, it lost realism. I liked the sneaking out, I liked the fact Maya was hurt by seeing Josh with another girl, I liked her stubbornness in her emotions. Lets face it, when you're 14 and infatuated with somebody, you think they are the only person you'll ever love and want to be with. That's natural. I also liked how Riley called her out, and I bought Maya's response. She loves the Matthew's and Josh is apart of that. I liked how Josh echoed Riley, and I even bought Maya's little speech. It was her last stand for her feelings, and stated them to Josh in a "take me as I am" moment. The very next line from Josh should have been "Thanks Maya, but that's one day of my life and I'm more than that". And just like that, he would have stopped it. Topanga and Cory can't stop it because they are the authority figures, and we know how kids that age can be in the face of authority. Josh is the only person who can solve this. The college kids weren't believable. Totally unrealistic. I will say I have no problem with the "to be continued" aspect of this, only because that is realistic. Look, once they're 18, all bets are off. That's real life.

    The bay window scene was really meh, but I do like how they are emphasizing Cory and Josh's relationship. Really trying to flesh that out. I hope we get to see Josh and Eric on screen at some point, just to see how they interact. And eventually, all 3 of them together. Its only right.

    Riley was awesome tonight. Really funny, and it was comical how well she took to college. I really liked that stuff. And I also liked how both Auggie and her were grounded at the end of the episode. Real life consequences to real life actions. I wish more kid oriented shows did that.

    Zay in Lucas' seat really threw me. It also worries me for some reason. Also, as far the plot goes, we all knew what to kind of expect. Taking from the Tell Tale Heart was kind of a dead giveaway.

    1. Why does Zay in Lucas' seat worry you? If it's because it's an indication that Zay isn't going anywhere - you're right. I'm telling you, man, I really don't think he's got one episode left this season. That just seems off.

      If it's because you think he's replacing Lucas or something, though, I wouldn't worry about that. Though, I'm not sure why you would. Peyton Meyer missed a ton of episodes last season too, more than anyone else, even Auggie, who it's clearly a struggle to find episodes for. But Lucas has been a big deal so far this season, he's not going anywhere.

      Yes, once they're 18, all bets are off with Josh and Maya, but most people aren't prepared to wait four years for a relationship to become viable. They're looking for something right now. What are they just gonna put themselves on hold until she's 18 and he's 21? Of course not. So let it go. If, when that age hits, and they're both single and in NY, they wanna go out? Go for it. Until then? Move on.

      I agree I'd like to see Cory and Josh's relationship as brothers fleshed out more. I'd also really like to see a scene with all three of the Matthews brothers. And... Morgan too, I suppose.

      Speaking of Maya saying how Josh being part of the Matthews is part of why she liked him. I found this interesting too - that Josh was more just a tool to maybe someday become a Matthews herself. Which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Josh.

    2. You've allayed my fears somewhat with Zay, because that's where my mind was heading. I guess we may have more of him this season, so we'll just have to wait and see.

      I guess one of my points is that for as uncomfortable as this Maya/Josh thing is for some, its perfectly realistic. From Maya's end. I think the onus needs to be on Josh to kill it. Topanga could be a means to that end, but Josh has to be the one to talk Maya through it. He was doing that in Season 1, the all of a sudden, he's having his mind made up for him at a college dorm party that by all rights even he shouldn't be at as a high school junior. I would like to see them date other people, then come back to each other as more mature individuals. Yet, like I said, fine up to Maya's speech. After that, bleh.

      All the siblings. Please. Would be a great moment.

      That Matthews line stuck out like a sore thumb, didn't it. Like this line that maybe Maya's intentions aren't all pure and innocent. "Its not a crush, I know what my feelings are" take on a whole new meaning after that. Let's be frank, Maya wants Riley's life. Its easy. Its idyllic in her eyes. She loves her family, and has desperately wanted that since she was a little girl. Josh is that ticket for her. I'd love to see them delve into that more.

    3. "- that Josh was more just a tool to maybe someday become a Matthews herself.
      ***Which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Josh.***"
      ---said by Christian

      .....Which was exactly Riley's point, and Josh's too.

      And, Maya being a surrogate 'Matthews' is something that was clear in the pilot....She does not need Josh to make this happen.

      *It's her deep friendship with Riley that makes her a part of 'The Matthews Clan'[old&new family]. ....Just like, how in BMW, it was Shawn's relationship with Cory, that made him a 'surrogate', but nonetheless a valid part of the family.

      And, going back to Maya being apart of the Matthews' Family; she really shouldn't be dating a family member.---Which is my whole stance of not liking/wanting the paring of Josh&Maya. Just to lay it out, Josh is her best friend's uncle, and if she is part of the family (like she wants to be, and is), he is her uncle too.

    4. I would buy what you're selling there, if there wasn't one hiccup. Josh isn't/wasn't around nearly as much as Shawn was. There isn't this lifelong connection between Maya and Josh, as there is Shawn and Cory. Just isn't there. Sure, they knew each other based on their proximity to Riley, but it was clear when we were all introduced to Josh in "Meets the Holidays" that they haven't seen each other in a long time. This isn't Maya falling for Riley's uncle. This is Maya falling for Josh, who just so happens to be Riley's uncle. They are two different things.

    5. Okay, I see what you're saying. However, my stance remains.

      Also, I'm picking apart the lifelong connection you're referencing, comparing between Josh/Maya and Cory/Shawn.... Any comparing with lifelong connections, has Riley&Maya all over it.

      So, maybe Maya hasn't always seen Josh, throughout the years, but she has always known he is Riley's uncle, and has/would have seen him enough, for this fact to hold up [with her].

      Now, having a young crush, is another thing. I'm fine with Maya having a crush on Josh, and it only being on Maya's-side.---This is very realistic, and the 'crush' being unattainable, all the more.. Although, it is, would be even more realistic for Maya to outgrow her crush, eventually, without ever actually dating him.

      Quick poll here(for anyone): How many times has a crush you have had, translated into becoming a couple with that person, or even just simply dating?

    6. I don't know, a few? May depend on what you mean by 'crush'

    7. A few in high school, but almost none in college. You don't meet a lot of women in the math department, sadly.

  2. Well, I have to say I did really enjoy this episode, and it had me laughing for the entire time. That said, I do agree that while it entertained me, there were issues, and I agree with most of what you say. Funny doesn't always equate to good.

    First, I can understand Lucas or Farkle being absent from an episode if we aren't in class, but when they are there, there really is no reason for both of them not to be present. I did think that Zay was actually fine here though. Nothing annoying this week from our newest class member.

    And why is Cory teaching The Tell Tale Heart? Is he teaching English or Philosophy here? I just don't see how this relates to History at all. This is just a too convienent plot device. This episode could have waited until they had gotten their new English teacher and then, the school lesson would have been more realistic.

    I also agree that Maya saying her feelings aren't just a crush just isn't real. She really doesn't know Josh at all. And since she hasn't had any real relationships yet, how does she know the difference between a crush and real feelings? This was just bad writing. The interest of the girls in the dorm was also very fake. Truthfully, the only thing I could see them doing was making fun of Josh, teasing him that he has an 8th grade girlfriend. Not good for him.

    Then the results. Finally, someone gets grounded! Took long enough. And I was glad to see that Auggie got his as well. If you are gonna hand out the bad news, everyone should get what is coming to them. I did love that Auggie realized that Riley was pulling one on their parents and that he was gonna take advantage of it. Sadly for him it didn't play out.

    What I dont understand is why Topanga hasn't sat Maya down and told her the story of her crush on Eric from "She Loves me, She Loves Me Not". The age difference here is real. Maya hasn't even been on a real date yet, and Josh has probably had several real relationships already. Topanga doesn't get enough to do, and we had an opportunity for a callback that actually involved her, and had real meaning since it would have been right on point.

    The tots were fine. It is a sitcom after all. It was their conscience. But this is a Disney show, should it have been a cricket?

    Josh does need to lose the cap as well. Who made that costume decision?

    1. Big fan of the Topanga talk idea. That would be a great callback. But it smells like this isn't the end of the Maya/Josh arc, so they might be saving that one for later.

    2. My thoughts on the Topanga talk.

      Joke Response: Topanga doesn't want to tip Riley off about her biological father!

      Real Response: I'm not sure most mothers would feel comfortable telling their daughter about the time she was hot for her brother-in-law.

    3. That's fair enough. Though I'm sure Topanga could talk to Maya without Riley actually being present.

  3. The Tell Tale Heart is such a universal school thing, that I honestly don't care who's teaching it. Its universal. Everyone knows the story after having to go through that 1 week of Edgar Allen Poe. Just one of those things you deal with.

    Episode Grade: B Solid, if a bit maddening.
    Episode MVP: Rowan Blanchard. She really shined this week, and I agree with Christian. Crazed Knicks Fan Riley needs to be a thing.

    PS: For those who care, I'm an Ohio guy.

    1. I have a feeling Riley's Knicks obsession will come up again at some point, but keep in mind that bit was an improv scene and I'm assuming other episodes had already been written by that point so I don't expect it to come up again THAT soon. :P

  4. Grade: B
    MVP: Rowan Blanchard

    Anyone else notice how Maya-centric this show seems to be getting? Maya/Josh, Maya/her mom, Maya/Shawn, etc. It seems like lately Maya has been the central character and Riley has played the "funny best friend" role. I'm not exactly complaining, but Riley is supposedly our main protagonist and the closest thing she's had to a real story arc (ie. whatever her "thing" with Lucas is) seems to be kind of on the back-burner at the moment.

    Next episode is supposed to be a Lord of the Flies type thing.

    And I'm creeping on the Girl Meets Writers twitter account right now and I saw a tweet from a little over a week ago (may 27) saying that tomorrow "the triangle begins". Since they've been shooting the dance episode it seems like there will indeed be an ongoing love triangle and it won't be just a one-off thing as was being discussed in a recent post on this blog.

    Also Doy is coming back, according to another recent tweet.

    1. Preach. Riley has no story. Don't let Christian hear you say that though.

    2. I like what they've done with Riley, honestly. Has it been great, no. Yet, she's more flexible, considering a lot of the dramatic load is placed on Maya's shoulders. Sabrina is more adept at drama, its just apparent. Rowan is getting better, but she's just so goofy and lovable that I don't need her to have a lot of tense, drama filled moments. Simply because that's not where her strength is at the moment. I think we'll see her become much better written over time, and we have seen that somewhat this season.

    3. I feel like this season has pushed the focus more onto Maya though. So far we've had one and a (sort of) half episodes focusing mainly on Riley (one of those being The New World which was sort of a Lucas episode) two on Maya's arcs quite heavily, and two on both of the girls. Next episode is looking to be more of an ensemble episode and the one after that is probably going to be another Maya-centric one. Obviously Sabrina is the stronger dramatic actress as of now but I think Rowan is pretty good too and would probably do well with a more dramatic storyline if she was given one.

      I feel like they're trying to follow Boy's formula where they gave Shawn all the really big dramatic stuff (his mother leaving, his father dying, joining a cult and finding God, etc.) and giving Cory the central love story. Only it's not working in Girl yet because Riley/Lucas doesn't really have the Cory/Topanga vibe, mostly due to the fact that despite a couple episodes with tidbits here and there we still don't know that much about either of them. Boy's first and most of its second season was mostly spent establishing the main characters and their quirks, but Girl is jumping right into things much more quickly and as a result feels rushed at times (it even sometimes takes a few minutes for me to fully understand what's going on in an episode because it's so fast-paced and rushed at the beginning).

    4. Yay! Doy!

      I will agree that Riley has no arc, right now, but then Cory didn't really get as much as arc as Shawn or Eric did either. She gets little individual stories, but no, right now there's not one big journey I feel she's on. But that's probably because, like Cory, the angst in her life is minimal.

    5. Julia, you are not wrong that things feel rushed. You know why? Cause Michael Jacobs knows he only has a limited time frame to get his overall story across. Disney Channel shows only have 4 seasons, at best, to get everything they want done, done. This won't have a BMW run. Hell, no Disney Channel show has ever had a 5th season, and I don't see them starting that trend now. They could, but Jacobs is working under the assumption he's only got 4 seasons and everything has to be done at quicker pace.

    6. Woah! That is an incredibly interesting piece of information, pwfan. I would have bet everything That's So Raven, if nothing else, had at least five seasons. But you're right. Wow, that completely changes the ballgame.

      Maybe he'll be able to move to ABC Family or something, but I agree that he's probably planning for a four season run. That's crazy.

    7. That's So Raven actually only had four seasons, the most any Disney show has ever gotten up to this point. The limit for Disney shows used to be 65 episodes. We'll see if GMW manages to break the four-season trend. And no, I'm not counting that possibility out just yet, since as of now I believe it's still one of if not the highest-rated shows on the network. Heck, I think the only reason Jessie is getting a spin-off instead of another season is because Debbie Ryan is getting kind of old. And the one kid from that show not returning is getting his own show. The GMW cast is still fairly young, so we'll see what happens there.

      If the show stays on Disney for it's entire run instead of moving to another network midway through, the furthest they can possibly go will be high school graduation, which I guess I can see as a fitting finale. Boy did do some time-jumping here and there, and while I can maybe see them doing it with Girl a bit I feel like if they were going to do that already they would have. At the rate the show is going now, they'll either need to do a time skip or more than four seasons to get to that point if that's the goal.

    8. They only do four seasons, but each season is much longer than broadcast network so the show will end up having between 95-105 episodes. Maybe more since it is the most popular show on the network now. That's basically 5 seasons of BMW. Since there were a lot of people who were not fans of the college years, that might not be a bad thing.

    9. Yeah I recall recently reading that this season of GMW will have at LEAST 26 episodes. Maybe they'll end up covering multiple school years in a single season in the future.

    10. Correct. A 4 season GMW will last nearly as long as the 158 episode, 7 season BMW. Which means your pace is quicker, and some in depth quality is lost. Not anybody's fault, its just inherent.

    11. BEN FUCKIN SANDWICH, hey boyyyyyy.

      I don't have anything to add but I ended up singing the theme song to That's So Raven for like five hours today.

    12. haha, yep, I'm back! I wish I could post more, but I just keep forgetting when the new episodes premiere so I'm always late to watching it.

  5. I have nothing to say other than I agree with Christian and absolutely 100% with Sean.

  6. I would be willing to bet that no actual teenagers watch this show. It's Disney, they have outgrown this. I know...I have one. But younger children are watching. So the lessons this show teaches are clean and meaningful with aspects of the future. That's a good thing. To expect anything different from the Disney channel would be off the mark and would only ruin a lasting positive influence for children in a world that is, for the most part, harsh. HAMMER. HOME. THE LESSON. That's how kids learn. I understand this episode was about 14 year olds appearing at a college party. No, what you saw was not a college party. No, typical girls would not get that invested an influence a boy to care about a younger girl's crush. But that is the point of this show. To teach kids to be better than typical. To teach kids to be that person that actually cares. To teach kids that in all of this crazy, uncontrollable, fast-paced, harsh world you can rise above...follow a tater-tot...and be an outstandingly good person. For the tot!

    1. I agree with you that teenagers are not watching this show. It's a kid's show about teenagers. "Saved By the Bell" was about teenagers, but its viewership was mostly younger people. I'm surprised they called it a party. It would have worked just as well if Josh had described it as hanging out with some other NYU students.