Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Special Announcement: "Teen Beach 2: Back To The Beach!" (for real this time)

We've got two weeks before a new episode of Girl Meets World. What to do, what to do?

I made an offhand joke about Teen Beach 2 that I didn't expect anyone to even notice, but it actually started a bit of buzz. In his infinite wisdom, Christian suggested to me, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Let's just fuckin do it." 

In an ideal world, we'll both be able to watch the movie and get a conversation going by the end of the weekend, similar to the timing for our GMW reviews. 

As a sort of appetizer for that exciting event, I recorded two let's-play style videos of Disney's official Teen Beach 2 game, "Beach Bop Adventure" over on the Disney Channel website. Both videos are only a couple minutes, don't worry. The game's audio is louder than it should be in the first one, I apologize, but it's fixed in the second. 

*edit* Blogspot sort of wrecked the resolution, which you'll notice if you watch in fullscreen, but life goes on.

So there you have it. The pixel art is genuinely charming, and the (limited) soundtrack is really catchy. I enjoyed it thousand times more than I expected, and I'm hoping I can say the same for the movie. 

Anything you wanna add here Christian?

Sorry, just seeing this now. I should really get email updates about when there's a new post or something. The only thing I have to add is that I have given myself a rule for this project, and that's that I solemnly vow to not learn a thing about Teen Beach 1 for this. If I'm confused or need context, I will not look into it, I will only glean what can be gleaned from Teen Beach 2. I will, however, be making several assumptions about the original, probably.

When we doing this, Sean? I'm starting to watch it now. Not sure I'll wanna do it one sitting.


  1. Hilarious. Your comment about Teen Beach in the episode review had me rolling; the actual review is going to be top notch. XD

  2. Ok, so I watched the 1st one when it aired, and have been anticipating the sequel. Yet, I will not watch it early, cause it is available through the Disney Channel app. When this movie premieres is when I'll watch.

    1. Huh. I thought that banner in the GMW episode was saying the movie was up next. But apparently it doesn't air until Friday. We'll aim for a Friday night/Saturday post then.

    2. Oh, yeah, since I'd been seeing ads for it for a while, and since it's on Watch Disney, I figured it had been out for a while. Wow, this is really good timing then. Yeah, since we're already working on it, maybe we'll try to post a full review, like, right after it airs.