Friday, August 28, 2015

Character Battle Round 1 - Green Division -CLOSED-



Ava Morgenstern
Contestant: Ava Melanie Ruth Esther Morgenstern
Portrayed By: Ava Kolker (2014-present)
First Episode: "Girl Meets Sneak Attack"
Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Fish" (or "Girl Meets Rules" depending on how you look at it)
Signature Episode: "Girl Meets Game Night", "Girl Meets First Date"

Episode Count: 8
Claim to Fame: Auggie's girlfriend
Occupation: First grader
Approximate Age: 7
Current Status: Living in Manhattan
Strengths: Fierce, Confident, Loyal
Weaknesses: Demanding, Selfish, Bratty


Auggie Matthews
Contestant: August "Auggie" Matthews
Portrayed By: August Maturo (2014-present)
First Episode: "Girl Meets World"
Latest Episode: Ongoing
Signature Episode: "Girl Meets Game Night", "Girl Meets First Date"
Episode Count: 27 (and counting)
Claim to Fame: Cory and Topanga's son
Occupation: First grader
Approximate Age: 6
Current Status: Living in Manhattan
Strengths: Imaginative, Sweet, Animated
Weaknesses: Pushover, Superfluous, has pretty weak stories

Auggie has defeated Ava with 87% of the votes against 13%.


Jason Marsden
Contestant: Jason Marsden
Portrayed By: Jason Marsden (1994-1995)

First Episode: "Model Family"

Latest Episode: "Home"

Signature Episode: "Girl Meets Game Night", "Girl Meets First Date"

Episode Count: 9

Claim to Fame: Eric's first sidekick
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 37
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Clever, can handle Eric
Weaknesses: Weak-willed, usually invisible to women


Desiree Beaumont
Contestant: Desiree Emmeline Hollanger Beaumont
Portrayed By: Sydney Bennett (1994)

First Episode: "Notorious"Latest Episode: "Me and Mr. Joad"

Signature Episode: "Notorious", "Me and Mr. Joad"

Episode Count: 2

Claim to Fame: Eric (and later Jason's) southern belle girlfriend

Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 37
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Cute, Affectionate
Weaknesses: Demanding, Manipulative, Spoiled

Jason has defeated Desiree with 89% of the votes against 11%.


Jennifer Love Fefferman
Contestant: Jennifer Love "Feffy" Fefferman
Portrayed By: Jennifer Love Hewitt (1998)
First Episode: "And Then There Was Shawn"
Latest Episode: "And Then There Was Shawn"
Signature Episode: "And Then There Was Shawn"
Episode Count: 1
Claim to Fame: Horror episode cameo
Occupation: Was a student
Approximate Age: Doesn't Actually Exist
Current Status: Existed only in Shawn Hunter's dream, and thus ceases to be
Strengths: Good screamer (better than Angela who was such a snob about it), Hot
Weaknesses: Kind of a tramp the way she just switches from Eric to Cory, Fictional


Jack Hunter
Contestant: Jack Hunter
Portrayed By: Matthew Lawrence (1997-2000, 2015)

First Episode: "Brothers"

Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Semi-Formal"

Signature Episode: "Brothers", "Boy Meets Real World", "Getting Hitched", "You Light Up My Union", "Girl Meets Semi-Formal"

Episode Count: 65

Claim to Fame: Shawn's half-brother, Eric's second sidekick
Occupation: Lobbyist/Corporate Shill 
Approximate Age: 37
Current Status: Living in.... New York? Was that made clear?
Strengths: Driven, Practical, Good guy deep down, Can handle Eric [though not quite as well as Jason]
Weaknesses: Amoral, Elitist, Vain, If It Ain't Broke....

yJack has defeated Feffy with 87% of the votes against 13%.


  1. Okay...I couldn't vote for the first match-up, but obviously I vote for Auggie. Like I said before, one of the strengths of the show is Auggie and Riley's amicable relationship. Most siblings on Disney Channel, twins aside, either ignore or manipulate each other.

    Oh, and Jason over Desiree and Jack over Feffy (I've never seen a full horror movie, so Feffy doesn't leave much of an impact).

    1. ava/auggie poll should be fixed. Christian is super obsessed with Feffy, you should hear this guy. It's the craziest thing, I didn't even think she should be in the bracket. But then I voted for Wendy over Amy, so nobody's perfect.

    2. A few things:

      1. Late 90s Jennifer Love Hewitt is like the hottest thing in the universe.
      2. Feffy was a lot more iconic than you were making her out to be. I bet you the average BMW fan couldn't pick Wendy out of a lineup but knows exactly who Jennifer Love Fefferman is.
      3. I'm only voting for her because she's against Jack. Jack's lame.

    3. Uh, Christian, who were you replying to? Sean or the gigantic stack of papers in the doodle?
      Like I said--I've never seen a full horror movie. I have seen a fair bit of Ghost Whisperer though so if Feffy wins, I won't really complain.

    4. Of Party of Five women, I was all about Neve Campbell.

    5. I agree with Christian on this one the iconic Feffy is what I voted for too

    6. Even though I have never seen a full horror movie

  2. Auggie and Ava poll isn't working

  3. I don't know why those matches are centered all awfully instead of left justified. I hate it. I tried to go and change it, but it will not be changed. And I'm worried fucking with it too much will destroy the polls again. But I hate it.

  4. Auggie, Jason and Jack. I wished Jason had stayed in the series, then there really would have been no need for Jack and Rachel, both of whom I could have lived without. Jason and Eric definitely had that Cory/Shawn vibe.

    I do like both Auggie and Ava, but this appeared to be a clever way to eliminate one of them early. In small doses they are adorable, but when they are too involved, like Meets Fish, it doesn't work well.

    Auggie is also the only cast member in either show to break the 4th wall. He talked to us in both World of Terror and Fish. I assume we will get more of the same this Halloween. Though he asked Topanga to say "hi" to the people in World of Terror, it did seem like she was just playing along with her son.

    1. Actually, Shawn broke the fourth wall in Boy Meets World when he asked "What the hell kind of tv show is this?" when Topanga moved to Pittsburgh and didn't come back at the end of the episode.

    2. Anonymous, I think that's what TV Tropes refers to as "Leaning on the Fourth Wall" rather than actually breaking it.

      Dear God, I just referenced TV Tropes by name. What have I done?

    3. Yes Shawn wasn't talking to the audience, he was just asking a question to express his disbelief that things weren't going to end like he thought they would.

      Auggie, on the other hand, was talking directly to us, the viewers.

    4. Cory and Topanga speak directly to the audience at the end of They're Killing Us.

  5. Hi guys. Started following your blog a few months ago, shortly after starting to watch GMW, usually a post or two behind owing to the Canadian Disney broadcast situation (which is changing September 1 and may become better, worse or impossible).

    I have come to the unwelcome realization that I am going to have to watch 7 seasons of a TV show that ended 15 years ago. I thank you for that. Sincerely. Extra TV is just what my life needs.

    As of now, though, I only every watched enough BMW to have remembered the name Topanga and go “oh yeah” the first time I saw William Daniels make a GMW cameo. I am unqualified to take part in these polls, as fun as the idea is. Seems a great way to fill the gap.

    I guess I could vote on Auggie vs. Ava. But I don’t want to.

    I am wondering if there is any recommendable way to share thoughts when everyone else has moved on to an episode I haven’t seen yet or otherwise finished the conversation. I have dumped some ramblings in an older post, and will probably still do that. But it is not the same as being an active participant.

    Since you guys are BMW historians, I have a question. Did the Us3 track Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) ever get used in an episode? It was a hit early in the show’s run. It sampled Cantaloupe Island, which Herbie Hancock was playing during his difficult to account for cameo early in Season 1.

    1. Tell you what, Miles. I'll comment on your posts and we can have a discussion that way.
      I read your original postings on "Yearbook" a while back and I was really moved. I think you'll love "Boy Meets World."

    2. You can find the complete BMW DVD set on Ebay for about $42 American, not sure how much more it would cost you to get it up north. Or you could watch MTV2 on Saturday mornings (early) and get caught up in a few months. They don't always show them in order, but they do show all of them, including holiday episodes and episodes ABC Family/Disney won't show. Great stuff, you'll love it.

    3. Thanks guys. I really appreciate that.

    4. I have a similar problem, milestones1958. I can rarely watch GMW in real time and I usually don't have time to visit this site until later in the weekend, so I'm always late to the party. But these guys are so entertaining and I throw my two cents in occasionally, so I don't mind feeling a little out of the loop. I don't really have a solution, but I think if most commenters have the Notify me button checked they'll see when you've replied to them on an old thread. So maybe reply to people's threads instead of creating your own comment. Does that make sense, Cryptid and 1960poster, or is there a better way?

    5. Hey, there is a "Notify me" box...thanks for the suggestion, and solving a small mystery for me, blsoths. And for Cryptid and 1960poster, 21 DVDs of BMW are en route. I'm sure I will love it.

    6. The DVDs are en route? Welcome to the family, Brother Milestones. Oh, the time you'll have.

  6. Auggie over Ava. Auggie has shown to at least be fine in small doses. Ava on the other hand is so obnoxious and grating that there's no way I can like this character. Unless they change the actress, who I don't blame at all, then Ava really isn't salvageable for me.

    Desiree over Jason. This may be odd to some, but Desiree really made an impact on me. She's one of the earliest BMW characters outside the main cast that I can remember. I can still her accent in my head. Totally manipulative, but I'm ok with that lol.

    Jack over Jennifer. Although I agree w/ Christian that late 90's Jennifer Love Hewitt was drop dead gorgeous, she still is btw, I can't really vote for a literal dream girl over a character that did have some impact on the show. Even though that character really isn't all that well loved. I don't hate Jack as much as some others, but I recognize he never really had a purpose.

    1. Jack had a purpose as Shawn's half-brother and an outsider to the group--the thing is, he was rarely used for anything other than Eric's sidekick.

      They really could have capitalized on Jack being an outsider. Sure he's Shawn's brother, but he didn't grow up with him. It's a darn near certainty that Jack did not have a Feeny of his own, and he had no use for a Turner. So he could have been used in that way. Why is his brother /this/ concerned with his buddy's relationship? Why is Feeny sticking his neck out this way?

  7. Auggie over Ava. Little kid actors almost always bug me, but there's nothing really wrong with the character. Ava is too aggravating and annoying.

    Desiree over Jason. I think Jason will win so I decided to give my vote to her. It's a rematch from Me and Mr. Joad which has this gem.

    Jack over Feffy. She's a very funny character, but she is a dream and I don't hate Jack at all like some posters.

  8. Guys I know this has nothing to do with the poll but Zay is now a regular. Thoughts?

    1. Did they confirm he's going to be a REGULAR REGULAR or is he just going to be appearing regularly? Like, as opposed to the huge gap he just had.

  9. The GMW Writers did their Twitter Q&A earlier this evening, and they did let us in on a few things. Although most of it was crypic.



    As Christian predicted, and I dreaded, the Writers confirmed Zay will be a series regular starting season 3. So, he better improve like Lucas has, cause I'm really not a fan of this character.

    Girl Meets Texas will be another 3 part episode, and will air in October. That brings the number of 3 part episodes this season up to 2. This episode was promoted heavily during the session.

    Josh's return was confirmed for Girl Meets New Year's Eve, which will air in December.

    Dewey (Doy) will return for 2 more episodes.

    "I Am Farkle" will focus on mental health. "Rileytown" on bullying.

    The season finale will air in February.

    And one piece of info I know some here will not like, at all. The writers revealed they are playing with the idea of a new addition to the Matthews family.

    Any other questions, please ask.

    1. I read it. Pwfan, my dear friend, I fear the Shipping Wars are upon us.

      New addition to Matthews family? Well, Topanga could wind up having a baby--which, bearing in mind the actress is now married was a legitimate Real Life Writes the Plot possibility in the first place. However, it could also be that Morgan Matthews is getting married or having a child herself.

      If I never hear the words "Joshaya," "Lucaya" or "Rucas" for the rest of my life, I will be VERY happy. "Texas" better be really stinking good for all the $@$^&!# shipping.

      I'm not that happy about Zay joining the main cast, primarily because I don't think "Meets World" allows itself for larger groups. When Cory was growing up, he existed in either trios (with Shawn and Kid of the Week/Minkus/Topanga), or a dynamic duo with Shawn proper. Eric was off doing his own thing for a long time. He and Cory grew closer slowly--the time skips helped. But when they tried to get more kids...young adults in the group, with Jack and Rachel, it didn't really work.

      "Shawn's Real Mom" Looks like it's officially back to Virna, since the writers admitted it was too confusing the first time. Thank you for admitting that writers. Even better, that episode put Alan Matthews in the Coast Guard. With that episode gone, he's back in the Navy where he belongs.

      Origin story: Girl Meets the Bay Window....Disney, why did you insist on these titles? That said, we were waiting for an origin story for a long time, so I won't complain.

      It appears that Riley and Farkle have a couple of critical scenes in "I Am Farkle." Given the subject material, I'd wager we may see Riley pull a "You are you, I am I" or something very similar.

      Well...considering it was Twitter, I suppose that was about as good as I suspected. But this didn't exactly convince me that Disney is not holding Jacobs on a leash.

    2. I'm surprised that neither of you mentioned that the writers confirmed that Angela will return. That seemed pretty big. Also Charlie will return in October, though they did not tell us which episode that would be in.

      We also got a third new episode title - Girl Meets Money, which starts filming next week. We will see Maya's room again in that.

      Since they said Graduation, the season finale, will permiere in February along with Bay Window, and season 3 will not start filming until the middle of January, we might have a significant amount of time without a new episode this spring. It is possible that since Graduation will be 3 parts and premieres in February it might stretch out into March, so they could be ready to start showing season 3 in April, but we might be stuck with things like they were last spring.

      I do have to agree though, this Q&A session was very much different than those in the past. Too many kids worrying about who dates who and not enough good questions.

    3. Oh yeah. I forgot Angela is coming back. That would be big, but there's also the possibility that all we see is archive footage of her, which is possible.

      Charlie's returning, so that's a good thing. I've made no secret my disdain for love-interest-only characters, but at least he isn't a one-shot. I really wish they wouldn't air these out of order. Casual viewers may forget about him.

      "Girl Meets Money," hmm...wonder what the plot will be. Riley's upper middle class and Farkle's father is a billionaire, but it's not like either one of them flaunts their money. Maybe the good old standby of "Selling Chocolates for School" episode. Haven't seen that on Disney Channel since...was it really "Even Stevens"?

      What are they thinking with the air dates on Disney? This show is structured around a school year, why not schedule it that way?

      And the Shipping Wars...God, the Shipping Wars....I fought in the Harry Potter Wars, in the service of Harry/Ginny having defected from Harmione near the beginning. I /led/ some of the best men I ever knew in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Campaign.

      I still get nightmares from the things I saw, the things I did in the Harry Potter Wars and the Last Airbender Campaign. I surrounded myself with series and fandoms that didn't do shipping: "Monster Hunter International" and the "Grimnoir Chronicles."

      I really hoped that I might be able to keep my head down this time 'round. But I don't think the armies are going to stop for this series. I'm going to have to fight again. Disney, this is all your fault.

    4. Money might be the story where Minkus loses his. The writers said that would happen months ago.

    5. Also, Shawn and Turner will reunite at some point. Don't know how that slipped my mind.

    6. I totally forgot about them announcing that Angela will return. Which I am 100% against. She appeared on the show, took their money, and then proceeded to call the writers "racist" when she didn't like how her role turned out on the show. No, F you. You don't get to come back. If its in a clip, fine, but I don't want the physical Angela to return after her little temper tantrum.

      I didn't forget about Charlie's return, I just couldn't find the return month. Glad he's getting another episode, cause I want to see where he's heading in this ever growing romantic entanglement.

      I suggest everyone get used to DC's weird scheduling patterns. This is something they are fairly notorious for, and have never really addressed on some official level. There will most likely be a long dead period after the finale.

      And, yes Criyptid, Jacobs is on DC leash. That is something I've known from Day 1. He knew what he was getting in to when signing with Disney.

    7. I think Angela might return physically because the writers said she plays an important part.
      I think Charlie is going to have to do with something in the Texas episode or something like that because October is focused on the Texas episode.
      Who knows though this q&a wasn't that helpful more about ships

    8. Well it could be Texas, but we are getting 5 new episodes in October, so with Texas making 3 and World of Terror 2, we still have another episode he could be in.

    9. My reply was referring to Charlie. I assume the Angela return will be some time in a future season. The writers response didn't imply that she would be back anytime soon and they only have Money, Bay Window, New Years, and Graduation left to film this year.

  10. I tried looking at the Twitter feed and it was way too focused on the relationships....I want to talk a little bit about far should they go with the cyber-bullying? It's Disney so there won't be any swearing....but how far can they go to show how much of a problem it really is?

    1. You can go pretty far without showing/saying anything. Just show how the characters react to what's on the screen (be it a laptop or a smartphone). You can show the characters with horrified, shocked, or angry expressions. The dialogue could be something along the lines of, "That's terrible," "How can they say/do that," "Is that what people really think," and other variations.

  11. Auggie, Jason Jack.

    Auggie is less annoying than Ava.

    Jason Marsden is my all time favorite actor. Plus Desiree's accent hurts my ears.

    l actually like season 7/GMW version of Jack. JLH was just a one off joke in the show. In fact the Weekenders, staring Jason Marsden, actually had a funnier Feffy cameo.

    1. I looooove The Weekenders, but I don't think her cameo in that is better than Feffy! No way!