Thursday, August 27, 2015

Character Battle Round 1 - Purple Division -CLOSED-

Hi everyone. We've decided to speed things up a bit since most of these first round matches aren't too exciting. They'll still last three days, but we're looking at two divisions per day now instead of one. So here's purple, black will come out later today.


Contestant: Jennifer Bassett Minkus
Portrayed By: Kristanna Loken (1997, 1998, 2015-present)
First Episode: "An Affair to Forget"
Latest Episode: "The Ex-Girlfriends Club)  [Appearing in the upcoming "Girl Meets I am Farkle")
Signature Episode: 
"An Affair to Forget"
Episode Count: 2 (with one on the way)
Claim to Fame: Shawn's scary ex-girlfriend, Farkle's mom for some reason
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 35
Current Status: Living in New York
Strengths: Tall, Intimidating, Uppercrust
Weaknesses: Horrible, Controlling, Snob


Contestant: Dana Pruitt
Portrayed By: Larisa Oleynik (1996, 1998)
First Episode: "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"
Latest Episode: "The Ex-Girlfriends' Club"
Signature Episode: 
"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"
Episode Count: 3
Claim to Fame: Shawn's first real girlfriend
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 35
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Sweet, Likes picnics
Weaknesses: Also a little snobby, di
d go along with that kidnapping thing

Dana has defeated Jennifer with 69% of the votes against 31%.

Contestant: Evelyn Rand AKA Crazy Hat
Portrayed By: Jackee Harry (2014-present?)
First Episode: "Girl Meets World"
Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Demolition"
Signature Episode: 
"Girl Meets Crazy Hat"
Episode Count: 3
Claim to Fame: Crazy Hat
Occupation: CEO of Rand Industries
Approximate Age: 50s
Current Status: Living in New York
Strengths: Wealthy, Willing to help random little girls get out of jams, dresses however she wants
Weaknesses: Spends too much time on the subway, a little TOO eccentric, has a dumb hat


Contestant: Lauren 
Portrayed By: Linda Cardellini (1998, 1999)
First Episode: "Heartbreak Cory"
Latest Episode: "The Psychotic Episode"
Signature Episode: 
"Heartbreak Cory", "Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)"
Episode Count: 3
Claim to Fame: The girl who almost drove Cory and Topanga apart
Occupation: Unknown, former Ski Lodge employee
Approximate Age: Late 30s (I assumed she wasn't in high school anymore?)
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Complex, Romantic, Someone you'd believe Cory would cheat on Topanga with
Weaknesses: Homewrecker, seems a little 'all-in' a little quick, No last name

Lauren has defeated Crazy Hat with 78% of the votes over 22%.


Contestant: Wendy Jansen
Portrayed By: Jessica Wesson (1994-1995)
First Episode: "Pairing Off"
Latest Episode: "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do" 
Signature Episode:
"Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do" 
Episode Count: 2
Claim to Fame: Cory's first real date
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 35
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Caring, Loyal, Affectionate
Weaknesses: TOO caring, TOO loyal, TOO affectionate


Contestant: Amy Matthews
Portrayed By: Betsy Randle (1993-2000, 2014)
First Episode: "Pilot"
Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays"
Signature Episode:
"I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More", "A Long Walk to Philadelphia (Part 2)", "How to Succeed in Business" 
Episode Count: 135
Claim to Fame: Cory and Eric's mother
Occupation: Gallery worker/Real Estate agent/Matthews & Son Co-Owner
Approximate Age: 60
Current Status: Living in Philadelphia
Strengths: Perceptive, Pragmatic, Loving
Weaknesses: Not as well-drawn as Alan

Amy has defeated Wendy with 88% of the votes against 12%.


  1. I guess I'll lead things off.

    Jennifer Basset-Yes, she's a bit of a snob. Hell, I'll go further and say she was definitely bitchy. But sometimes those are the characters that leave an impression, and she did. I can't wait to see how they reintroduce her as Farkle's mom. To have her in this universe could be really interesting. And yes, we need to see Shawn's reaction to it.

    Lauren-Well, I could say it's because she's not Crazy Hat and leave it at that. But, in reality, its because she was the closest that ever came to ruining the chosen couple. Her impact was felt all the way to the opening of the time capsule. It makes her memorable, and really important.

    Amy Matthews-Not as full a character as her husband, but she's still the matriarch of this universe and was a very good TV mom. She always wanted what's best for her children, even when that meant putting her foot down on Cory and Topanga's wanting to get married out of high school. She had her own point of view, and always got it across when it was needed.

    1. I voted for Dana because I always had a soft spot for her. Like I said earlier, I caught bits and pieces of the original show in syndication but I remembered Dana. I voted for Dana; I know I'll lose but I voted for Dana.

      Basset is more memorable, and she is Farkle's mother so it'd be interesting to see her. Leading fanon in fanfiction (Which I NEVER read, only skim) is that Basset is, frankly, emotionally manipulative if not outright abusive.

      Lauren over Crazy Hat. I do not like Lauren (See Christian, there's a character you love that I don't!). I do not like Lauren because I found her following Cory to be very creepy. Imagine if Eric had followed some girl he met one time to their home that was at least two hours away.

      Amy Matthews, I agree with everything you said. Sure there wasn't that much to her. But she did feel very real.

    2. Wait, you haven't watched Boy Meets World all the way through?

    3. Eric put hidden cameras all over the apartment to broadcast Rachel without her knowing. He's taken the creepy to a new level. And she didn't stalk him. She wrote him a letter and went to Chubbies to ask why he didn't respond.


    4. Sean, you misunderstand. I have so seen all the episodes of Boy Meets World. What I meant was that I initially only caught it in bits and pieces--I was twelve or thirteen at the time when I became a fan, but it was only casually. When it returned to ABC Family after a three-year break, I fell in love with the series. I've seen the entire series probably ten times now. I LOVE Boy Meets World. It's my FAVORITE television series ever. After all that time I spent in the rabbit hole these last two months, you think I haven't seen all the episodes of Boy Meets World? Perish the thought!

    5. I lied. I have literally lost count of the number of times I've seen any given episode of Boy Meets World--including Season Seven! Easily ten times through though.
      Words cannot express how much I love the Feeny-verse, and how much I wish Disney would step back and leave Michael Jacobs the heck alone and let him tell his story. If I invent time travel, that's what I'll go back to do.

  2. I went with Amy, Lauren and Dana. Even though Jennifer will wind up being more important in the BMW/GMW world, Dana was a pretty important step for Shawn in his growth. And she was a likeable character, as opposed to Jennifer.

    Wasn't the initial Dana episode the one where Topanga lays into Shawn and tells him why no nice girl will ever date him? That was some serious shit.

    1. Yeah, that was the picnic-in-winter episode, which was great.

  3. i was never a fan of mama Matthews and no one should vote for lauren...

  4. I AM UPSET WITH WHO IS PLAYING FARKLES MOM!!! they better have a damn good reason why it's her.

  5. I loved the girl that played Wendy on BMW. Rough round for her to be up against Mama Matthews. Can't vote against the Mom. By the way, I've never posted but once I stumbled across boymeetsworld reviewed I had to go back and read all of it and now follow this, too. It's been a real treat to read and I love this poll idea. Keep up the good work, fellas!!

  6. I'm sad I had to miss the last couple of votes. Oh well, here is who I went for this round. Jennifer, Crazy Hat, and Wendy.

    Jennifer is probably the best the show has ever had. She is certainly the most rememberable one.

    I hate Lauren. I am completely baffled by the amount of love she gets around here. I found her behavior to be wholly inappropriate and stalkerish. And I say that as someone who has actually been stalked before. So Crazy Hat it is then.

    Wendy sadly has more of a fleshed out character than Amy has ever exhibited on screen