Saturday, August 29, 2015

Character Battle Round 1 - Red Division -CLOSED-



Morgan Matthews #1
Contestant: Morgan Matthews
Portrayed By: Lily Nicksay (1994-1995)
First Episode: "Pilot"
Latest Episode: "Home"
Signature Episodes: "Class Pre-Union", "Santa's Little Helper", "Risky Business"
Episode Count: 35
Claim to Fame: Cory and Eric's first younger sister
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 27
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Adorable, Precocious
Weaknesses: Mischeivous, Attention-Seeking


Morgan Matthews #2
Contestant: Morgan Matthews
Portrayed By: Lindsay Ridgeway (1996-2000)
First Episode: "A Kiss is More Than a Kiss"
Latest Episode: "Brave New World"
Signature Episode: "Better than the Average Cory", "Show Me the Love", "It's About Time"
Episode Count: 49
Claim to Fame: Cory and Eric's second younger sister
Occupation: Unknown
Approximate Age: 29
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Snarky, good singer
Weaknesses: Quiet, Attention-Avoiding, Occasionally rude

Lily Nicksay's Morgan defeated Lindsay Ridgeway's Morgan with 64% of the votes against 36%.


Joey "The Rat" Epstein
Contestant: Joseph "Joey" Epstein AKA "Joey the Rat"
Portrayed By: Blake Soper (1994-1996, 1998)
First Episode: "Back 2 School"
Latest Episode: "Graduation"
Signature Episode: "Pop Quiz", "The Thrilla in Phila", "Truth and Consequences"
Episode Count: 16
Claim to Fame: The... brains? I guess? of Harley's two thugs
Occupation: Unknown, probable criminal
Approximate Age: 40
Current Status: Unknown
Strengths: Energetic, Loyal, Opportunistic
Weaknesses: Overly excitable, Poor Diction, Just kind of generally scum


Contestant: Yogi
Portrayed By: Nicholas Jabonero (2014-present)
First Episode: "Girl Meets Boy"
Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Creativity" (more on the way, I'm sure)
Signature Episode: "Girl Meets First Date", "Girl Meets The Secret of Life", "Girl Meets Semi-Formal"
Episode Count: 28 (almost entirely as an extra)
Claim to Fame: Weird little guy in Riley's class
Occupation: Eighth grader at John Quincy Adams Junior High
Approximate Age: 13
Current Status: Living in Manhattan
Strengths: Somehow dating that tall blonde, also has value in this world
Weaknesses: I don't know what his fucking deal is

Joey the Rat has defeated Yogi with 80% of the votes against 20%.


Aubrey MacAvoy
Contestant: Aubrey MacAvoy
Portrayed By: Debby Ryan (2015)
First Episode: "Girl Meets Demolition"
Latest Episode: "Girl Meets Demolition"
Signature Episode: "Girl Meets Demolition"
Episode Count: 1
Claim to Fame: It's Jessie! On Girl Meets World!
Occupation: Salesgirl at Demolition
Approximate Age: 22
Current Status: Living in Manhattan
Strengths: Cunning, good at her job, persuasive
Weaknesses: Behaves amorally, overly influenced by her parents


Farkle Minkus
Contestant: Farkle Minkus
Portrayed By: Corey Fogelmanis (2014-present)
First Episode: "Girl Meets World"
Latest Episode: Ongoing
Signature Episode: "Girl Meets Flaws", "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice", "Girl Meets Yearbook"
Episode Count: 34 (and counting)
Claim to Fame: Riley's friend, Minkus' son
Occupation: Eighth grader at John Quincy Adams Junior High
Approximate Age: 13
Current Status: Living in Manhattan
Strengths: Intelligent, Ambitious, Confident
Weaknesses: Creepy sometimes, Machiavellian, Occasionally verges on pathetic

Farkle has defeated Aubrey with 87% of the votes against 13%.


  1. I voted Morgan #1, Joey the Rat, and Farkle Minkus.

    Seriously this may be the biggest bloodbath yet; if Yogi and/or Aubrey make it through, I'll eat my plaster cast of a Sasquatch footprint.

    1. The award for Bloodiest Slaughter is currently held by the "Turner vs Harper" matchup. These might get close.

  2. Morgan #2, Joey, Farkle.

    This whole round feels very lopsided.

    1. It is. The decision came down to having a fairly predictable first round or starting with a 32 man bracket and having to deal with a lot of "why did you leave out ___?" There's a few good ones though. Eli/Bolander is way closer than anybody would have thought.

  3. Morgan #2, Joey and Minkus.

    Lindsay's Morgan seemed to have a real personality as opposed to the little witch of a girl that was Lily. Joey was always funny and sadly Yogi really doesn't do much but smile. Minkus is great and Debby Ryan's character was not. That and I don't really think Debby is a particularly good actress, though I have to give her props for putting up with 7 years of terrible Disney shows.

    1. Hey now--while I admit "Suite Life on Deck" wasn't a great show, its finale was one of the most iconic in Disney history. The twins, and London and Moseby, had been together on two shows over six years. It was very cathartic.

  4. A thought occurs to me, and seeing as the Morgans are dueling in this round, might as well bring it up:

    Could Cory and Morgan be estranged from each other, for one reason or another?

    We've seen Eric and Josh a fair few times (Though it's curious that Eric and Morgan weren't mentioned in the Christmas episode. Sure actually having them would be too crowded, but a mention would be nice). We have not heard so much as a mention of Morgan. I don't think it's that believable but it'd be a change of pace if nothing else and allow a foil for Riley's amicable relationship with Auggie.

  5. 2, Joey, and Farkle.

    I like both Mrogans equally, but the second one got actual storylines and dare I even say character development.

    I actually dont mind Yogi. It's nice having one of the kids in class regularly appear with a real name and everything, but not be a part of the main group. That said he doesn't hold a candle to The Rat.

    Farkle is dearly underrated IMHO, but surely not enough to be defeated by whats-her-face.

  6. holy shit, the Weaknesses for Yogi made me lose my mind laughing